How to Make Kylie’s Coachella Highlighter Hair Work for Any Skin Tone

Kylie Jenner is the undisputed queen of pulling off literally any hair color. Seriously, can you think of a typically unflattering hue she hasn’t whipped into submission?

And this past weekend at Coachella, she did the seemingly impossible. She walked around rocking highlighter-yellow hair like it was just another day of slaying life. Most plebes would assume that if we tried that hair color we’d look washed out or just batshit crazy. But thankfully, we have you covered.

If her hair color (and the cheeseburger she’s chomping below) are making you jeal, don’t worry. A color expert told us how to make it your own.

jordyns like .. don’t do it bitch!

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It turns out the secret’s in the roots.

“Kylie’s newest debut shows that yellow can be worn on all skin, suitable or not,” KEVIN.MURPHY’s COLOR.ME Design Director, Kate Reid, said in an email. Kind of shady, but okay, go on!

“My tip is when it’s not the most suitable, show a little natural at the new growth,” she said. “This will soften the skin and enhance the eyes, making it much more complementary.”

Et voila. Your natural color will keep your skin looking normal, while the highlighter dye will make your entire lewk stand out.

So if you’re going to go for one of these cray colors, the key is to leave a little bit of your natural root. If you’re wearing a wig (which Kylie probs-to-def is) pick one where the roots are at least in the same range as your natural hair.

And if you’re dying it that way (using Unicorn Dye, perhaps?), please leave it to a pro or at least your smartest friend — roots are tricky and you don’t wanna end up looking like beauty roadkill.

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