Forget Boho, Everybody’s Wearing Club Wear to Coachella Now

Sorry to break it to you boho babes, but none of the cool kids are wearing flower crowns and fringe to Coachella anymore.

They’re wearing club wear.

And not just any kind of club wear, but the kind you’d see somebody wear in a music video where the ordinary laws of physics do not apply.

Here are some examples.

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Kylie Jenner’s “I love anacondas and I cannot lie” outfit.

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Amber Rose’s “Hoechella” ensemble.

#Hoechella 😍

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Lexi Panterra’s “Fishnets’r’us” lewk.

New team here and proud to be apart of it . Just opened for post and killed it at @theblinddragon Coachella party 🗝

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Rihanna’s glittery Gucci garb.

phresh out.

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And India Love’s sheer top which is less club and more early 2000s hip hop block party realness.

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Yes, these are all celebrities and influencers who can just roll up to the VIP section the second a show starts and not have to stand around all day in the blistering sun, but we don’t make the rules about how trends start.

Fashion trickles down from celebrities to plebes and like it or not, next year, this is probably how all the cool kids dress.

The basic girls won’t have gotten the memo yet and they’ll still be wearing boho, so savor this moment because they will learn and before you know it everybody’s gonna be walking around like a turbo thot.

It’ll be heaven on the one hand, but also quite literally hell.

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So if you’re about to head off to Coachella round two this weekend, dress accordingly.

The plebes on the lawn might still be wearing fringe and floral print, but if you show up looking like you bought tickets to Hoechella, all eyes will be on you.

Well you and the hundreds of other girls that got the memo, but still.

Don’t be basic when you can look like a celeb instead.

You may get hot and uncomfortable but just remember, you’re really doing it for the ‘gram anyway because let’s be real, they livestream Coachella now.

If it was just about the music, you could have saved yourself a couple extra hundred dollars.

Happy festivating, betches.

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