Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Page Has Mysteriously Vanished

Well, it looks like Kendall Jenner just did what even her sister Kim hasn’t had the heart to do so far because her Instagram account has mysteriously vanished.

Sometime between the hours of when I woke up on Sunday and saw Kendall had posted a picture of her ass clad in jeans with a star on the back, and Sunday evening, anybody clicking on Kendall Jenner’s page was greeted with this puzzling message, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”


The question on all of our minds is, whaaaaat?

The last celeb to pull this move was Justin Bieber, and at least he had an incredibly public fallout with his fans and Selena to point to as a modus operandi, but there’s no major reason we can see why Kendall would decide to delete her Instagram out of the blue.

Sure, people dragged her ass to shreds over her Vogue Spain ballerina shoot because it was “literally so offensive,” but that all went down almost two months ago.

Could she have deleted her Instagram to protest Taylor Swift’s reappointment as the most followed person on Instagram, was it to prove to all her haters that she can still book just as many shows and campaigns without her millions of followers, or did she just do it because in the words of the contemporary philosopher Hillary Duff, “why not take a crazy chance?”

And if Kendall wasn’t the one to delete it, who tf did?

Did enough outraged ballerinas collectively flag her page as inappropriate that Instagram blocked her account without realizing who she was, or is there somebody at IG headquarters who’s not a Kardashian stan?

Undoubtably we won’t have to wait long before Kendall makes a statement about what happened, but it seems unlikely that a brand ambassador and supermodel could even contractually keep her Instagram deleted for long.

Think there’s a way to somehow blame this on Donald Trump or nah?


Kay, just checking.

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