Lana Stans Are Losing It Over Kendall’s Latest Insta

Lana Del Rey may have a lust for life, but Lana Del Rey stans have a lust for losing their shit at anything even remotely LDR-related.

So when Kendall Jenner posted an Insta that seemed to reference one of Lana’s latest songs, right on cue, stans around the world were typing, “Omgggggggggg” into their various devices.

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Out of nowhere, Kendall posted an Instagram seeming to quote the first line of Lana’s “Lust for Life” as a caption for a grainy, soundless video of the Hollywood sign that seems like something Lana herself would post.

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dance on the H

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Instagram user @mr_norik13 can’t help but repeat himself as he screams out, “IN A LUST FOR LIFE IN A LUST FOR LIKE KEEPS US ALIVE KEEPS US ALIVE.”

@meesmerizee says, “I THINK IM GONNA DIE BECAUSE OF FANGIRL” while @starryirises can’t help but see a money-making opportunity. “buy lust for life by lana del rey on itunes,” they suggested.

But it looks like one Lana stan isn’t happy for the Kendall endorsement.

“GET AWAY FROM HER GET A JOB,” @diorwhore_ exclaimed.

TBH, Kendall has like one million jobs, but that’s okay.

Sometimes we all say ignorant things when we’re excited.

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