Of Course Taylor Swift Gave Gigi the Biggest Gift For Her Bday

Taylor Swift’s stock has plummeted in these past few months, but she’s still trying to hold on to her image of being the world’s best BFF.

So in honor of Gigi Hadid’s 22nd birthday yesterday, Taylor made sure the gift she sent Gigi was the biggest one of them all.

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If friendship was a competitive sport, Taylor Swift would be the captain of the varsity team, the junior varsity team, and the practice squad.

Just look at how Taylor’s flower arrangement TOWERS over the flowers Gigi got from her dad and shared mutual bestie Karlie Kloss.


Taylor’s flower arrangement isn’t just bigger, it’s taller, wider and follows the most cohesive color palate.

And honestly, most of the other presents Gigi got as gifts just look dinky in comparison.

Zayn got her a cute millennial pink cake, but hello, calories.

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A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Somebody sent her a box of roses with the letter “G” on them like a plebe.
Reebok didn’t even have the tact to send Gigi anything bigger than a card.
And don’t even get me started on whatever it is Bella painted.

TBH the only gift that comes close to being better than Taylor’s was this dog-shaped flower arrangement V Magazine sent Gigi.  

And like a respectful friend, Gigi made sure not to photograph them together.  


You know Taylor’s fuming she didn’t think about that one, right?

Oh well, at least she didn’t send Gigi a basket of her own merch as a gift.

You may not be able to teach Taylor how to grow a spine, but at least she’s learned something this year.

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