Taylor Swift Likes to Send Her Own Tour Merch as a Gift

Taylor Swift is a bizarre human being who will literally walk like a crab to make people like her more.

She also likes to send celebrities gift baskets of her own merchandise as a way of saying thank you/we’re friends, right?

In her new cover story for The Fader, alt pop baddie Charli XCX details a present she received from Taylor after making a cameo on Taylor’s star-studded 1989 tour.

“It was a bunch of Taylor Swift merch. Charli had recently appeared onstage at one of Taylor’s concerts, where they duetted to ‘Boom Clap,’ and the surprise was a thank you sent by the artist herself, a pop giant reaching out to someone figuring out how she might be one.”

Right, because it’s totally normal to send your friends T-shirts and towels with your face on them, and not at all a thinly veiled message that you’re the star in the relationship, no matter what trajectories your careers take in the future.

And hey, if you’re gonna insist on sending someone tour merch instead of chocolate and flowers like a normal person, at least make it cool tour merch. We hear Kanye’s TLOP T-shirts are in pretty high demand these days!

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