Watch Kendall and Bella party in the ocean with all their clothes on

Generally speaking, the point of any beach party is to strip down to your skivvies and show the world how good you are at buying bathing suits that make people’s eyes pop out of their skulls while mentally screaming, “aoooooga.”

But not when you’re so famous you’re pretty much on a first name basis with the world.

Then the point of a beach party is to wade into the water while you’re still wearing all your clothes.

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While vacationing in Mykonos, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and some friends stopped by some sort of water party.

There were beach chairs with umbrellas over them, there was what appears to be sand, and Rihanna’s hit single “Work” was pumping through the air.

But while many people in the background could be seen wearing bikinis and swim trunks, Kendall and Bella were wearing party dresses.

And those party dresses were soaking wet because Kendall and Bella weren’t just standing in the shallow end so they could get their feet wet, they were going all the way in, as this video obtained by TMZ makes crystal clear.

Maybe they stopped by the party on a lark, realized they forgot to pack swimsuits, and just decided to YOLO it, or maybe both of them are trying to start a wet clothing trend.

Which sounds like a crazy idea, but on the plus side, think of all the money you’d save not drying your clothes.

Don’t you love it when supermodels are looking out for the everywoman’s bank account?


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