Kendall and Kylie Jenner Got Matching Ferraris This Weekend

While you and your sister can sometimes feel too poor to scrape together enough money to go out to dinner and a movie, Kendall and Kylie just got matching Ferraris this weekend.

On Saturday, Kylie posted a video on Snapchat of Kendall being “so embarrassing” by showing off all her new Ferrari merch which included a hat, a mug, a T-shirt, a keychain and of course, a brand new Ferrari Spider.

Despite the vague insult, we’re pretty sure that if Kendall and Kylie walked away with this much swag from the Ferrari dealership, then all that swag, and maybe even the cars cost the girls a grand total of free.99.

Even though that seems insane, Kylie literally just got two brand new luxury cars for her birthday last month so why else would she and her sister just so happen to get the same car in different colors on the same day?

Unless she wanted to buy her sister a present to try and make up for the fact that Kendall’s missing the majority of fashion month for some as of yet still unknown reason.

Whatever the reason, Kendall and Kylie have “sister spiders” now and that’s so ridiculous that we can’t even with it right now.

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