Full of new vibrant sounds & style, Kailee Morgue exudes confident badass energy

Kailee Morgue is the real-life pixie fairy you always wished to be.

The singer/songwriter’s delicate vocals and dark lyricism constructs a beautiful contrast that leaves us hungry for more. After tweeting a rough-cut video of her breakout song, “Medusa,” she grasped the internet’s attention while simultaneously charming the music industry.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Kailee landed a deal with Republic Records and within one year her successes include the release of her EP Medusa, a collaboration with Wheaton on “Do You Feel This Way,” and is the current accompaniment of Poppy on her Am I A Girl? Tour.

“Singing like a siren, love me while your wrists are bound,” Kailee sings in her latest single, “Siren.” A sequel to her breakout track “Medusa,” the new song is an ode to Greek mythology with a slight sinister twist.

The Arizona-native appeals to the relatable parts of being youthful: the divergence of personal style while navigating teenage emotions and the discovery of self-confidence. Kailee has undeniably found the perfect sound to fit her voice, and has been described as the up-and-coming “gothic pop princess.”

Whether it’s the switch up of her hair color, her shy demeanor, or her bewitching music, Kailee Morgue is the presence of emerging youth within music who are unapologetically themselves.

Read on for the exclusive interview and photos.

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Your name is meant to be a representation of your juxtaposed identity — tell us about Kailee Morgue. Who is she?

Kailee Morgue is me, but more badass. She has a better death stare and more confidence, but it’s all becoming a part of me too in a way. People are often surprised with how quiet and introverted I really am!


Your song “Medusa” has been getting a lot of love, what was the creative process in the making of this track?

I wouldn’t say there was a specific creative process. I wrote “Medusa” in a few hours while I was just sitting on my bed in the dark. I knew the concept was going to be about Medusa, but all the other words just kind of fell into place.


Who inspired you to pursue music?

Gwen Stefani (No Doubt era) is always my number one influencer, but I’ve also been inspired by Stevie Nicks, Hayley Williams, Frank Ocean. All legendary people.


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If you could go on tour with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

I’d love to tour with Paramore or Charli XCX at some point. Despite the fact we have completely different music, I’d have to add Amy Winehouse.


California or Arizona?

Arizona for sure. I’m not a people person, so the slower pace in Arizona is perfect for me. Also, the traffic in Los Angeles is the absolute worst, so I’m always late to everything.

Who was the last person you texted?

The last person I texted was Finneas O’Connell actually. He sent me a video of him singing a song. He really is so sweet and talented! 


When did you feel like you were officially an established musician?

When my EP came out and my music was on all platforms was when I first felt like a real artist. I had a body of work out with visuals. Sometimes it still feels like I’m not quite there. I’ve only had music out for 7 months, and I have a lot of growing to do.

Tell us a little about the first time you were in love.

The first time I was in love I was in High School, and I was so naive and let him walk all over me. When I met my current boyfriend, I realized nothing was ever real until I met him. It really feels like drugs when we’re together. He’s a part of me for sure.


As someone who is navigating the music industry, what is the most important thing you have learned thus far?

The most important thing I’ve learned is how to say no. I never liked saying no or that I didn’t like people’s ideas, but it’s something you most definitely have to learn if you want your vision to stay true to who you are.


Do you always do your own makeup? If so, what 3 must-have are always in your makeup bag?

I’ve had my makeup done for photoshoots, but 90% of the time I do my own makeup! My 3 must haves would definitely be blush, brow gel and lipgloss.

Photographer: Nia Spencer







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