Kablito Is Dancing (& Journaling) Her Broken Heart Away

Getting your heart broken doesn’t mean that you can’t dance, and if anyone knows that, it’s Kablito.

The contemporary LatinX artist and model released her latest track, “Corazon Partido” (“Broken Heart” in English) on Valentine’s Day because V-Day isn’t exactly her favorite holiday—especially not this year. After a recent breakup with an ex of four years, Kablito took to music to get her feelings out—resulting in this surprisingly dance-able track. 

We talked to Kablito all about her upcoming EP and how to take care of yourself after a bad breakup.

So you chose to release your latest track, “Corazon Partido” on Valentine’s Day. What are your feelings towards V-Day in general?

To be quite honest, Valentine’s Day tends to be one of those days that makes a lot of us feel quite shitty. It’s shitty for single people, couples going through difficult times, and even couples in general. It’s one of those silly holidays that puts pressure on us to do some big gesture, to show love. I think it’s totally unnecessary. Love should be celebrated any day or everyday in our own way.

What did you do for V-Day to celebrate self-love? 

I went to my local coffee shop for a nice hot chai and a treat, bought myself flowers, made some Tik Toks (this is some form of therapy for me lol), ate a nice dinner, and put on a face mask. I really made it a point to make this Valentine’s Day all about me and it was probably one of the best V-Days ever. Like, no pressure, just a real chill time by myself.  

You wrote the track just a few days after a bad breakup. Did you feel better after writing it?

Definitely! I was bottling up a lot during that time. I wasn’t even writing in my journal because I was scared because of how sad and ugly I felt inside. This song was total therapy for me and the beginning of me writing this whole EP.  

Do you think your ex will know the song was about them?

I’m sure our mutual friends have already told him. At first I was worried about him finding out, but then I realized that although he is the inspiration, this song and this EP are about me expressing myself, becoming more comfortable with being vulnerable and sharing my experiences. At this point, it feels like it has very little to do with him personally, ya know? Don’t go dating a musician, they’ll write about you! 

If so, are there any lyrics in particular that give it away?

In one of the lyrics, I talk about wasting four years with him. That’s the line that all my friends were like, “Ohhh, so this is about him!” It’s pretty obvious, this has been the biggest breakup for me, ever. 

Can we expect more songs about heartbreak and/or self-love on your upcoming EP?

Yes! My EP will definitely be a bit of a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs of this breakup. 

Do you think it’s ever okay to get back with your ex? 

I think if it feels right in your gut, then it’s right, but you gotta listen closely and don’t fool yourself! Journaling is so helpful for that. You can go back and be like, “ohhhh, wow this is why this person didn’t work out for me.” Sometimes we forget and make excuses for them. I really believe that if it’s not meant to be, it’ll run its course one way or another. 

Any advice for our readers on getting over heartbreak?

Journal, spend time with your family and friends, get back into doing things you stopped doing while you were dating or pick up a new hobby. Exercise, call your friends when you need to, practice self-care, get a weighted blanket, treat yourself! You deserve love! 

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