Go Love Yourself: A Princess Dress, Chocolate Body Paint, & 4 More Things I’m Obsessing Over This Month

Whether you love it or you hate it—Valentine’s Day is happening.

I’ve honestly always loved Valentine’s Day, regardless of if I’ve been single or in a relationship. This is partially probably because I love the color red, heart motifs, and cute girly/fluffy things—but also, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat a bunch of fancy chocolate?

I think the shifting moment where I really learned to love Valentine’s Day was probably when I realized I was able to (and had the financial freedom) to treat myself, I didn’t need to wait around for a man to do it. That being said, I’ve gone on first dates on Valentine’s Day, I’ve gone to a last-minute dinner with a casual college hook-up on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve spent Valentine’s Day completely alone in Thailand on a boat tour with a bunch of strangers. 

Anyway, I have yet to determine this year’s V-Day plans, but I do already have a ton of cute ass shit (and fun ass toys) to unleash if I have a boo to spend V-Day with, if I want to have a fun dinner with my girls, or whatever. Here are my February faves:

1. A vibrating ring for when the mood strikes unexpectedly 

Palma Vibrating Ring, $128, Unbound

We all know that no guy should ever buy a girl a ring as a gift unless it’s a wedding ring, but I think we should make an exception for this Unbound Vibrating Ring. Besides, it’s basically a sex toy, which makes it “chill” and “low key” and a totally acceptable gift for a guy to get the girl he’s casually seeing (I think). 

Or, since the person reading this is most likely a lady—this is a super fun gift idea for a freaky friend. 


2. A classic KY jelly for some self-loving lubrication 

KY Yours & Mine Couple’s Lubricant, $14

Sometimes, we just need to get back to basics. It seems like everyone is always telling women they need to get this toy, try this meditation, work on these kegels to have a better sex life (or a better masturbation session), but before getting all fancy-shmancy, you might simply want to consider your lubrication

When you have sex, there may be more natural lubrication due to foreplay, heightened excitement, and even the lubrication on the condom. When you’re loving on yourself—specifically if you’re using a penetrative toy—you might need some extra help to make everything feel more legit (or, good).

Personally, I recommend warming lube for self-pleasure because it somewhat helps to combat the weird feeling you may get from f-ing a cold, lifeless dildo as opposed to a warm, throbbing, dick (or, other part). 

Okay, I’m getting a little too descriptive here, so I’m just going to mention that you can buy this at your local drugstore (or on Amazon) before moving on… 


3. Some bright red sunglasses so you can avoid making eye contact (or, texting) with your ex

Saint Owen “Rockbird Red” Sunnies, $180

Given that Valentine’s Day is a Friday this year, there is even more of an opportunity to make a fool of yourself this year (Yay! Feelings!)—so, maybe cop an extra pair of somewhat festive sunnies to avoid self-incriminating yourself? At least if someone gets a pic of you flashing the bar at 2 am in hopes of some V-Day validation, you can pretend it’s not you?

4. A book that will be painfully relatable if you’re single (or if you’ve ever been single) 

How To Be Alone (If You Want To, And Even If You Don’t), $11

One time, a guy I was dating gifted me Rebecca Traister’s “All The Single Ladies.” He had heard Traister talking about her latest book on a podcast and thought I’d appreciate her writing (and choice of topic). Aside from the fact that it’s hilarious (and amazing) that a guy I was dating got me a book about staying single (don’t worry — it was a “just because” gift, not for Valentine’s Day), I actually think a book like this could be a super fun Galentine’s Day gift if you’re into that sort of thing (or just something to order for yourself).

However, while I liked “All The Single Ladies,” my V-Day pick for girls and guys is “How To Be Alone” by Lane Moore. It’s more of a memoir than an actual how-to guide, but Lane’s writing about her experiences will make you laugh, cry, and also realize how lucky you are to have the people in your life that you do have (even if you don’t have a boo). It’s also a little less “rah rah, I’m not sad to be single on Valentine’s Day, I swear!”


5. A Valentine’s Day chocolate that will definitely get you laid

High On Love Chocolate Body Paint, $33.95

I have to begin this with a caveat: I have not yet had a chance to try this chocolate body paint. Sorry, I don’t have a live-in boyfriend available for me to try these things on him (or any boyfriend, for that matter). But, from opening the box and holding the adorable faceted-heart-shaped glass bottle in my hands, I already know I’m going to love it. And, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to let you all know about it before Valentine’s Day—because it’s the perfect nice, but sexy-not-too-serious, gift for someone you sort of just started seeing (or someone you haven’t DTR-ed with yet).

Or, you know, for yourself.


6. A dress to make you feel like a princess no matter what your plans 

Love Your Everything Satin Dress, $55
Photo: Justin Owensby

Does anybody else remember Jessica Mcclintock? For some reason, towards the tail end of elementary school, I was obsessed. I would go to its store in my local mall and try on so many a-line, bone-in dresses and wished I had somewhere to wear any of their frocks to.

I ended up getting one as a gift, I wore it to my 6th grade graduation, and I don’t think I ever wore it again. The rest of the dresses I remember as favorites from over the years were thottier, shorter, tighter, and probably involved some mesh fabric or strategically placed cutouts. 

The feeling I had when I first saw this Sugar Thrillz dress from Dolls Kill was almost one of nostalgia. How long had it been since I’d really purchased (or even thought of purchasing) such a princess-like, non club-worthy or wedding guest-worthy dress? Did I have anywhere to wear it? No. Did I need it anyway? Yes. 

While I clearly made my own occasion to wear the dress to (and found my own man), I also can totally see myself pulling this out with some combat boots for a fashion-week type of event. Or some other type of outing where you actually want to look a bit over-the-top and unique. Also seems like a good dress to cry in, but I haven’t attempted yet. 


Cover Photo by Justin Owensby (@justinowensby)

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