Justin Bieber Just Un-Deleted His Instagram

Good news, everybody.

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star who once said he was 90% sure Instagam was the devil, just un-deleted his IG page. Technically this may mean he’s a devil-worshipper now, but don’t worry, we’ll reach out to his people for a comment.

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Seriously, it’s all back.

This selfie of him and his then girlfriend/hookup body/friend with benefits Sofia Richie, which prompted his ex Selena Gomez to start an Instagram war with him over who loved their fans more, which resulted in him deleting his Instagram in the first place.

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This super deep note he wrote about how he’d rather Netflix and chill by himself than with some random hottie.

Side note: yeah right .

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And of course, our favorite incarnation of Justin Bieber, white boy dreds Justin Bieber.

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And to celebrate his return, Justin posted something he knew we were all waiting for, some sponsored T-Mobile Super Bowl content.

Let me see your #unlimitedmoves

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Huh, think his return to Instagram was motivated by something other than a change of heart?

Either way, welcome back, Justin — especially if you’ve traded in Hillsong for Satan’s Song.

Now that’s what I call an interesting pop star development!

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