Selena Gomez Is Sorry For Causing Justin to Delete His Instagram

Things got out of control yesterday between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

First he got annoying about his new GF, then he got upset that people thought he was being annoying and threatened to delete his Instagram, and before you know it Selena Gomez got involved and the two of them were battling it out in the comments section, both accusing the other of cheating on them back when they were still together.

It’s exhausting, and you can read about it here.

While the two exes took a break from airing their dirty laundry out in public for most of the day, by nightfall, Justin Bieber decided to make good on his threat and delete his Instagram.


Although before you think of shedding a tear for him, you should probably know that he might just switch to using his manager’s account for the time being, which could also just be a ploy to drum up the number of followers his manager has.

2.4 million is so low it’s practically an embarrassment.

Hockey night… Maybe I will only post on this page for now

A photo posted by Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) on

But you know who is sorry?

Selena Gomez.

She never meant to start a war, and so she apologized for all the things she said by snapping a black background and writing out the following text: “What I said was selfish and pointless.”


Of course, this whole mess could have been avoided if Selena and Justin had just agreed to be normal exes who unfollow each other on social media, instead of the kind of chill exes who casually like each other’s grams because they’re sooooo over what happened between them.

Let this be a lesson for you.

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