Justin Bieber Now Has White-Person Dreads

The Justin Bieber of 2014 is back.

The Bieber who got a DUI, drag raced, and generally acted a fool went into hiding for the past year or so, redeeming his public image with incredible new music and a sexy underwear man persona.

But now, all of that good will is being flushed down the toilet. Because now, Justin Bieber has white-person dreads. And after he’s come so far!

He debuted his new ‘do on Instagram. And judging by this caption, he seems to know the error of his ways:


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Why, Justin? Why? Especially why now, when every pop news site is re-posting a viral video all about the reasons why white people should never have dreads? To quote the video: ARE YOU EGYPTIAN, JUSTIN? NAH, BRO!

There’s no telling what Bieber will do next. Maybe he’ll start running a dog-fighting ring. Maybe he’ll declare that the “Star Wars” prequels are better than the originals. Maybe he’ll chew with his mouth open (oops, he already does).

Either way, though, we still love him. And hey, at least his wax figure stands in memoriam to his former dread-less self.

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