Justin Bieber’s Sexy Wax Figure Will Make You Forget Your Boyfriend’s Name

No matter how you feel about him, you have to admit that Justin Bieber is hot, even if it’s only in the abs region.

Apparently, Madame Tussaud’s agrees, because their Amsterdam location just got a brand new Justin Bieber waxwork where the hottie is recreated in all his shirtless, Calvin-Klein-and-Yeezy-wearing glory. 


Side note: don’t you love how even a fake wax figure Biebs has to keep up with contractual obligation to only wear Calvin Klein underwear in public?

While we’re not quite sure who Justin is posing with (are they the less tattooed, discount Dutch equivalent to One Direction, or what?) or who thought it would be a funny idea to put Anna Wintour in there, we love the idea that Anna gets to spend eternity checking these hotties out from behind, giving them a look of mild approval.

(Photos Here)

We always knew you were an ass girl, Anna. We always knew.


And FYI, they’re probably all Justin Bieber’s

But believe it or not, Anna isn’t the only girl in the world who’s digging the new Biebs. In fact, most of us are, and unlike Anna, they’re not content to show their approval from a distance. No, they want to be all up in the Biebs’s business.

Also, we know this is controversial, but we’re pretty sure Anne Frank would be a fan too.

As if you really needed another reason to visit Amsterdam, right?

[H/T Cosmopolitan

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