Justin Bieber’s Instagram Mystery Girl Is Modeling Now

Do you remember that time Justin Bieber posted a selfie of some random girl on Instagram and tasked his followers with finding out who she was?

Omg who is this!!

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Do you remember her name was Cindy Kimberly and that after Justin’s stunt she became super InstaFamous and didn’t even know how to deal with it?

Well, now that three months have passed since Justin got super creepy fan boy on her ass, the 17-year-old Spanish beauty has decided to put her newfound fame to good use and launch the modeling career that Justin made inevitable for her.

Yesterday Very, which looks like the UK equivalent to Forever 21,  held a launch party in London for their new fashion campaign, unveiling Cindy’s first pass at this fashion campaign thing.


Needless to say she looks a little different from the mystery dream girl that caught Justin’s attention in the first place, but that’s modeling for you.


Still, we’re pretty glad that judging from her Instagram, Cindy is not the type of girl who wears pre-distressed white denim jeans with a cream bralette and pink and yellow heels out of the house/ever. 

Because it’s nothing against those types of girls, but why would you hang out with her when you could hang out with this girl instead?

Hurt over a marshmallow

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly Not Wolfie (@wolfiecindy) on

We’re pretty sure that Justin would back us up on this one.

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