Justin Bieber continues his tradition of liking & commenting on his exes’ Insta pics

Justin Bieber is not the kind of guy who has it all figured out. Yes he’s rich and suavecito, but he’s also all over the place. Especially on Instagram.

One day he’ll tell the world he has conjunctivitis, the next day he’ll show off how he can play the keyboard with one hand and flash his abs with the other, and then just to be cute he’ll post afive pictures in a row where he’s hugging randos he found on the street. You know, YOLO.

But YOLO doesn’t even come close to justifying how much Justin doesn’t seem to care about violating the normal rules about Instagram-creeping on your exes. Namely, don’t do it. Or if you do, don’t get caught.

Yesterday Justin liked and commented on a picture of Sofia Richie and his fans lost their damn minds over the news. But as wild as that behavior is under normal circumstances, for Justin it’s pretty normal.

Justin has a long history of interacting with his exes on Instagram, even going so far as to post pictures of them together himself.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

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It all started in December of 2015, when Justin posted a picture of him and Selena cozying up on a motorized vehicle.

He initially left the photo un-captioned, but when Jelena fans started shitting themselves, he captioned it, “just a throwback calm down.”

Just a throwback calm down

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Obviously it goes without saying that the internet did not calm down, because why on earth would you post a picture of your ex on Instagram unless you’ve recently rekindled your romance?

Especially when the month before Justin had gotten caught by the cameras serenading Selena with the song “My Girl” while they were out together.

Then a few months later in March, Justin posted yet another photo of him and Selena, but this time amping up the “what’s going on here” vibes.

Because it wasn’t just a photo of Selena touching his leg, it was a photo of the two of them kissing, which Justin affectionately captioned, “feels.”


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And Selena didn’t seem to mind, because not only did like the photo, but she also commented on it, calling it “perfect.”

Lo and behold, about two weeks later this became the most liked photo on Instagram of all time, a title which thankfully it no longer holds.

But I’m getting ahead of myself because the picture Selena posted four days after Justin got into his “feels,” surely had something to do with the frenzy Justin’s photo created.

The picture itself was pretty simple. Just Selena sitting down to play the piano in bikini bottoms. But Justin’s decision to like it ensured everybody was talking about what was going on between them.

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tb to a sweet, small house in TX

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But a love story between the two exes wasn’t met to be.

In August Justin started dating Sofia Richie and after posting a parade of virtually identical selfies of the two of them, Justin and Selena proceeded to get into an Instagram war.

While it was sort of about Sofia, it was mostly about which one of them loved their fans more — and it all went down in the very public comment section of Justin’s Insta.

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While Justin’s since calmed the fuck down with Selena, recently he decided to hop on the Sofia Richie train.

As Teen Vogue pointed out, fans couldn’t help but gag over the fact that Justin liked and commented on a photo Sofia posted one day ago on Instagram saying, “You are gorgeous” and then immediately following it up with a second comment consisting of  two exclamation points.


But guess what?

This isn’t the first time in the past month Justin’s done this.

Three days ago he liked this covered up pic.


And on June 27th, he liked this topless TBT picture, which to his credit, is incredibly good.


Still, maybe it’s time to lay off your exes’ Instagram pages, Justin.

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