Bella Hadid violated this cardinal rule about Instagram-creeping on your ex

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd broke up a lifetime ago and like well-adjusted humans promptly unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Why do most normal people unfollow their exes on Insta? Because there’s nothing worse on social media than accidentally liking a photo of your ex.

But here’s the thing about dating a celebrity: you can’t get rid of their presence on your feed just by unfollowing them. Even if you delete all their f*ckboy friends too, inevitably they’ll do something interesting and magazines or newsy accounts will post about them, so you have to stay vigilant.

Sadly, on Monday night, Bella Hadid wasn’t vigilant enough and found herself liking a photo of Abel Tesfaye that came up on her feed. Minutes later she realized her mistake and deleted the evidence, but the damage was already done.

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While Bella Hadid doesn’t follow The Weeknd anymore, she does follow The Shade Room. TBH, good for her. The Shade Room’s a great account.

Anyway, yesterday they posted about how he made the cover of Forbes’ list of the 100 most highly paid celebrities, and poor Bella couldn’t help herself from liking it.

Hi bella *Abel’s voice* // @kyliejennair

A post shared by Selena & Justin Updates™ (@gomezbieberdaily) on

Maybe she just wasn’t thinking, saw a face she liked and thought, yeah I’d tap that, or maybe she just wasn’t thinking, saw a picture of her ex where he looked good, and thought, yeah I’d still tap that.

Or maybe she just had a moment of being possessed by the YOLO spirit and just decided to stir up some shit.

Whatever happened, it didn’t take long for Bella to snap out of her temporary moment of insanity and unlike the photo.


While it could have been a strong move to stand by her double tap and just look like a chill, supportive ex, it’s kind of gratifying to be presented with proof that celebs make mistakes when it comes to their exes and Instagram too.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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