Watch Justin Bieber Play Keyboard With 1 Hand & Flash His Abs With the Other

Justin Bieber spent his last day as a 22-year-year doing what he’s best at: being all over the place.

Maybe it’s just the sense of ennui which comes from turning a year older, but recently Justin’s been acting even more extra than he usually does.

He walked around LA with a suspicious-looking wetness dripping down his crotch, wined about being single on Instagram, and to cap it all off, he posted a video of himself playing the keyboard with one hand and flashing his abs with the other, just to show his fans he’s working on new music and hasn’t been slipping on his fitness.

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And he also showed off his studio, where the only decorations to break up the office vibe are a bunch of baby cacti, a poster of a multi-color tiger with the words “Justin Bieber” on it, and an arty portrait of himself.

Making beats in my studio

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Justin, if you need help, blink twice.

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