Justin Bieber Wants You to Know He Reactivated His Instagram by Accident

This morning, something miraculous happened.

After two weeks of darkness, Justin Bieber said, “let there be light,” and re-activated his Instagram account to share multiple pictures of his new dog, Todd.

Just like that, the shadow that his absence had cast over the world was lifted and the Beliebers of the world rejoiced over the fact that their savior hadn’t forsaken them after all.

And then, hours later, something disastrous happened.

Justin tweeted that the whole reactivating his Instagram thing was an accident.

Before his disciples had even had a chance to really revel in his glorious return, the Biebs cruelly snatched his Instagram presence away, without any warning or fanfare.

Say it with me: rude.

Of course, whether or not the whole thing was really an “accident” is unclear. Earlier this week, Justin tweeted, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” which could refer to a lot of things, but could easily refer to whether or not he should return to Instagram.

In the words of the savior himself, “Where are you now when I need you?”

Please return to us, bb Biebs.

The world needs you now more than ever.

And more importantly, we need more photos of Todd.

There just aren’t enough cute dogs in the world, you feel Biebs?

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