Just In Case You Forgot: Butt Stuff And HIV Are BFFs

In the plot twist of the century, Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop casually published a guide to butt sex.

In it, they drop a forgotten fact about butt stuff: that it majorly increases someone’s chances of getting HIV/Aids.

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In fact, women are 17x more likely to get HIV/Aids from butt sex in comparison to vaginal sex. This is due to the amount of “trauma” the rectum undergoes during anal, so using lube can help, but obviously at the end of the day you should always be making your partner use a condom.

Maybe you can forego a condom if you two are definitely monogamous and have both been tested, but considering what else goes on in the bunghole, a condom sounds like a good idea regardless.

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Just in case you forgot, the impossibility of getting impregnated through your ass doesn’t mean you can’t get an STD in there, so condoms are still pretty fucking important. Same goes for vaginal sex. Just because you’re on the pill doesn’t mean that you should let dudes forgo a condom.

Hello? This is why people used to wrongly think that gay guys were to blame for HIV, because they were the ones having lots of butt sex. Now everybody’s having it, and being idiots about it, clearly.

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This is just another reason not to participate in butt stuff if you don’t want, and another excuse to give your boyfriend when he’s trying to pressure you to have it.

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