Guys Admit “Losing Respect” For Girls After Sex Is a BS Excuse

Ask a douchebag why he ghosts girls after a one night stand, and he might say some BS excuse like, “I lost respect for her after she slept with me the first time we met.”

Wait…what?! How can a guy say he loses “respect” for a girl after she sleeps with… him? Especially when he’s probably the one initiated it?

On top of this, why would it occur to someone to use the word “respect” to describe how they feel about someone? This must’ve been written in some Douchey Bro Bible and the idiots plagiarized it to a tee because it was easier than explaining themselves.

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This phenomenon has puzzled us for quite some time, but the ultimate conclusion is some asshole made up this excuse long ago and other idiots have echoed it as a way to feel better about being a dick in their hook-up habits. Turns out, dudes on Reddit agree.

Reddit user divinehops asked the men of Reddit, “What is your reason for losing respect for a woman after sleeping with her? Was there usually none there to begin with?

And lots of the guys who responded said it wasn’t about “not having respect to begin with,” it was simply that the dudes who say this are looking for an excuse for their asshole behavior.

“I don’t [lose respect for women after sleeping with them],” said Reddit user Coidzor. “Generally speaking, there’s a few dudes who’ll lose respect for a woman for sleeping with them ‘too soon,’ but they’re kinda shitty in terms of their view of women and dating in general.”

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He also added that the real reason guys disappear after sex is because they got what they wanted, not because they suddenly lost any type of so-called “respect.”

“More often, a dude just wanted to get laid and did what he had to do to get sex and then didn’t have any reason to stay in contact with her after that,” he said.

Another user stated the obvious: if you don’t have any respect for someone, you shouldn’t be sleeping with them in the first place.

“You obviously should have respect for the person you’re sleeping with, whether it’s a stranger [one-night stand] or your soul mate,” said Reddit user PoetJustice. “Maybe you might not see her as a viable mate, and don’t plan on continuing contact with this person, and that’s okay, but you have to treat them with basic human dignity as well as be mutually respectful and make sure they get equally as many benefits from sleeping with you as you with them. Honestly, a man’s penis doesn’t do much to dictate a woman’s value, worth and morals, as much as we think our dicks do.”

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Great point, Reddit rando. If a smart girl sleeps with a dumb guy, it doesn’t make her equally dumb, it might just mean she needed some dick from a dude she’d never want to see again.

If a dude thinks so poorly of himself that any girl who touches his dick isn’t worthy of his “respect,” then I feel very sorry for him. In fact, if a dude actually felt good about himself, he would feel differently, like Reddit user st0nedt0theb0ne.

“Why would I lose respect for a woman for sleeping with me? She clearly has good taste,” he said.

Maybe we should ask all future Tinder dates how they feel about the whole “respect” thing. It’ll be a great way to sort out which guys are not worth your time early on.

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