Jordan Raf Makes Music For People To Bang To

Watch Jordan Raf’s video for “Roses,” and you’ll become overwhelmed by a slew of emotions. The vibes and the sight of Jordan whispering into someone’s ear will probably make you horny, but the sight of Jordan pissing into a fountain and then splashing his face with it is pretty disgusting.

But Jordan seems to love to seduce as much as he loves to shock. With the debut of his first full-length album, Double Negative, last Friday, it’s clear that Jordan is just getting started.

We talked to the LA musician about why he refuses to drink “manly” drinks, how he bounced back from a earth-shattering break up, and why he really wants to have sex while skydiving.

Alex Bortz

You pull some pretty crazy public stunts in the music video for “Roses,” have you ever had sex in public before?

I have. On a lifeguard tower in my hometown in San Diego.

Was it good or did you get sand everywhere?

No, I felt bad for both parties involved honestly. It was really spur of the moment. We spilt wine everywhere and I laid down a blanket over all the wine so we were having sex on this sandy, wine-filled blanket at like midnight. It was freezing. There was definitely a transient man watching at some point too. There was like a zombie, beach-going homeless man enjoying the show.

Sex on the beach is pretty overrated. 

Yeah, but it’s a delicious beverage. It’s one of my favorites. But the actual act itself is like shower sex, you think it’s going to be a lot better than it is.

So what are some things on your sex bucket list?

I really want to do sex sky diving, I’ve seen images of that and I honestly can’t believe it…it looks incredible. It looks like the pinnacle of human society. It’s like our full evolution of humans has come to humans having sex while sky diving.

You went through a bad breakup that resulted in you overdosing on pain pills, if you could give your former self advice on the breakup what would you say?

I’d say, I don’t know, same thing that my therapist told me. To know that everything you go through is temporary, that time heals all. Whatever I’m feeling in the moment, don’t act on the impulse. Know that whatever you’re feeling now is ephemeral and it only makes you a stronger person as corny as that sounds, but it’s the truth.

So how did you get back into dating afterwards?

I don’t know, it was actually pretty easy because I was so horny and just like, hitting rock bottom emotionally constantly. So I was constantly trying to fill a big hole. I was furiously trying to feel anything with anybody so I rebounded really hard, which isn’t necessarily a good thing either. It helps maybe, but I don’t know, strangers can be scary and you find that out when you’re sharing a frittata with them in the morning.

So do you think we need music to help us get over breakups?

Absolutely yes. I would not have made it through without my break up albums.

What breakup albums or songs would you recommend?

I really like “For The Good Times” by Chris Kristofferson, that’s probably like the best break up song of all time. Al Green did a cover too which makes me super sad and wet. Umm, Sampha is really good. He’s this beautiful R&B artist, he was on Drake’s “Too Much.” His first LP was really beautiful and that helped me a lot. Also there’s this one Freddy Gibbs song called “Deeper” with him and Madlib, that one helped me through some tough shit.

So “Roses” is super sexy even though you can’t make out most of the words, do you think that’s what makes it sexier? It’s like your making sexy noises.

[Laughing] Yeah that’s definitely been a thing that people can’t make out the lyrics, I have to get like a Rap Genius going so that people can read the lyrics. They are super important and I spend a lot of time writing and I consider myself a lyricist among different things, but maybe yeah. I guess I’m sort of Young Thug for R&B, I do a lot of guttural noises.

Does it comfort you to know that lots of people are probably banging to your music?

It’s the number one goal honestly. When my friends tell me they fuck to my music it literally makes me want to, I don’t even know, scream off the top of a mountain, I love it. It’s the reason I do it in the first place.

Have you ever listened to your own music while fucking?

I would never do that, that’s some American Psycho shit. That’s some true I killed cats as a toddler shit, I would never do that. People ask me to, but I absolutely refuse, that’s some deep dark Freudian shit.

What music will you play during sex?

I’ve got a banging ass fuck playlist it’s amazing. Honestly, Jerimih, Ty Dolla Sign are the two biggest heavy hitters when it comes to making sweet passionate love. You put on those artists and someone in the area is going to have had sex to it. And then also there’s this one band called Holy Other, they have this one album that’s been consistent in the fuck playlist of past and present. It’s really ambient, it’s amazing.

Who would your dream threesome be with?

Fuck… I don’t know. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington? I really don’t know. Maybe Jaden and Willow Smith. That’s the best I’ve got.

Do you watch porn?

Yeah, definitely

What’s your go-to porn category?

I don’t know, I like um, massage porn for some reason. It’s just very relaxing. I don’t have as much time to watch porn as I’d like to, I would love to be in my room just hitting it all day, but I’m pretty busy lately and it’s really weird to say that because I’ve never been like that. Most of my life has been like laying around watching porn, but like massage porn is very relaxing. I’m like, wow, I wish I could’ve done that. I wish I had like, a Groupon.

How do you think porn influences your sex life?

I don’t know. As a 13 year old horny boy I think it’s harmful in a lot of ways because it’s unrealistic sex standards to young boys and also some guys as children it’s really easy to get caught in objectification of women. But also porn is very important to mental health and the industry is really interesting and beautiful and it’s really empowering to a lot of people, so it’s really a double edged sword.

Your album came out today, how are you celebrating?

I’m going to go get blacked out at my favorite dive bar, it’s this place in Korea town called HMS Bounty, it’s incredible.

What’s your drink of choice?

I have no shame, I’m not that heteronormative dude that drinks IPAs, I hate that shit. I get giant tropical fruity beverages that give me disgusting hangovers.

Like a sex on the beach?

Like a sex on the beach, like a Piña Colada, like a Lava Flow, a Singapore Sling, all of it. It hurts to breath I have so many calories.

Cover image photo by Grace Pickering

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