Jhay Cortez Is The Sexy Mastermind Behind All Your Fave Reggaeton Tracks

If you’ve ever danced along to Cardi B rapping, “I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks,” you’re a fan of Jhay Cortez.

The 26-year-old Puerto Rican hitmaker has been helping produce hits for Cardi, Bad Bunny, Selena Gomez, and J. Balvin—but he’s finally started to step out from the recording studio and onto the stage. 

“I have always been behind the scenes working for others,” says Jhay, “but I felt I had much more to give as an artist.”

And what he gives, we’re happy to take. His first album, Famouz, was released last spring, and he’s already in the process of recording his sophomore album — plus, he just released Famouz Reloaded, with bonus tracks for your listening pleasure.

In the meantime, read our interview to see where he draws inspiration, what he looks for in a lady, and his go-to scent. 


What was the first song you ever wrote?

I wrote my first song at 11 years young. It was called “Este Sabado.”

When did you fall in love with hip-hop and reggaeton? 

I fell in love with hip hop/reggaeton/urban music when I was a little 10 year old kid on the island. Don Omar was that artist that made me fall in love and have that fascination for the genre.

What was growing up in Puerto Rico like and how have you turned those stories into music?

Growing up in Puerto Rico was everything and more. It has made me into the artist and man I am today thanks to the upbringing and vibrant culture. All this gave me experiences and knowledge that inspires me today.

What inspired your album, Famouz

My first album, Famouz, comes from the desire to demonstrate what I am capable of in music. I have always been behind the scenes working for others, but I felt I had much more to give as an artist and this will be laid out over the course of my career. I want to be better with each release. I also just dropped FAMOUZ RELOADED today – go peep that!

You have collaborated with everyone — from Bad Bunny to J Balvin to Natti Natasha and Sofia Reyes. Is there anyone you are dying to collaborate with?  

My dream collaboration would have to be with Travis Scott. He’s just that guy. No other words to describe him.

You have such swag and style, who’s your favorite designer of the moment? 


entire outfit: GCDS

Virgil Abloh.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is “the perfect in between…”

What’s your favorite cologne? 

Dolce Gabbana – Light Blue – I wear it all year round.  

What’s your all-time favorite song? 

My favorite all time song is “Dile” by Don Omar.


Who are your top five favorite rappers? 

Travis Scott, Drake, Da Baby, Arcangel and Jay Z.

Could you see yourself ever launching a clothing brand? 

Launching a clothing collaboration and eventually my own brand is a long term goal of mine. I have been developing my own style and learning a lot in this area in the last couple of years.


shirt: ASOS
Pants: Fashionnova
Fur coat: Jacob Lee / @jacobleelondon

“Cuando Bebe” and “Tocarte” are two of  our favorite tracks on Famouz. What inspired you when writing these songs?

Women are a constant source of inspiration for me. These two songs are indeed derived by my experiences with them and the appreciation for what makes a woman special.

Us girls want to know, what does Jhay look for in a girlfriend?

Qualities I look for in women are: brains, a beautiful smile, a good booty, and a big heart.

How have you grown musically from Eyez on Me to Famouz?

I know that I have grown a lot musically and my style has evolved a lot production wise from. My pen also has been fine tuned. I am more confident and know what I want. In this growth and evolution I also want my audience and fan base to grow along with me.

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Be confident, you’ve got it.

What’s next for Jhay in 2020? 

I’m in the process of recording my second album. You can expect a well-developed concept. I can’t wait to share it with the world!


Suit: Bang Pineda / @bangpineda
Jewelry: Dalmata / @shopdalmata

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