Natti Natasha Wants You To Join The IllumiNATTI

Reggaeton has been making its way to the mainstream, and women like Natti Natasha are making sure it’s just not just a boys’ club.

For our Sisterhood of Sound issue, we talked to Natti Natasha about making space for women in reggaeton, her hometown of The Dominican Republic, and her latest album — IllumiNATTI.


When did you first fall in love with music and what album/artist has been your biggest inspiration?

I’ve been in love with music ever since I can remember, my biggest inspiration is Lauryn Hill and her album Miseducation.

What was your creative process like while recording IllumiNATTI?

It was a very special moment just seeing everything come together. Nights of no sleep, not seeing the fam, but definitely such a good vibration. Going from song to song with the whole team at Pina Records, making sure we loved what we were listening to. Without noticing, we had so many songs, different genres, and finally my first album ever. 

What song on the record has the most meaning to you?

Each song is very special and unique. The one song that I feel sums up the whole album would be, “La mejor versión de mi.” 

“Criminal” with Ozuna really marked a big break for you prior to this record, how did that collaboration come about?

The first part of it was recorded at Pina Records , we were thinking who would be perfect to collaborate [with], and Raphy Pina sent the idea to Ozuna to see what he thought. He liked [it] so [he] went in the studio and did his part. [It was a] blessing! 

It’s exciting to see more women in the male-dominated world of reggaeton. What advice do you have for other girls wanting to break this barrier in music?

To work everyday towards their goal, to be disciplined, decided, and have all the faith in the world for themselves.

What do you love most about your hometown, The Dominican Republic? 

The people, the culture, the love, humbleness, everyone is family, the food — I might as well say everything.

On tour, what beauty products are you never without?

Hair serum, lip gloss, perfume.

You were featured in Forever 21’s Forever Female campaign. What does girl power mean to you and what song on the record is the most empowering track? 

Girl power means how we support each other, how strong we are, how united we could be. “La mejor versión de mi” and “Independiente“ [are the tracks I feel are most empowering].

What beauty advice did your mom teach you growing up that you still live by? 

Put avocado oil on my hair. 

What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

Don’t stress so much.

What is next for you this year?

More music, acting, doing what I love and connecting with everyone out there supporting. Tours are coming up while I work on music. This never stops, it always goes.

Denim: True Religion
Top: Forever 21

Photography + Creative Direction: Prince and Jacob

Styling: Manny Colon

Hair: Irinel De Leon using Balmain Hair

Makeup: Jennifer Rodriguez using The Creme Shop

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