Women Really Do Get Cold More Quickly Than Men

Picture this: it’s the middle of summer, and the easy-breezy dress you wore to avoid boob-sweat on the subway is causing you to shiver your ass off in the office. Meanwhile, the bro at the desk across from you casually strips off his suit jacket, complaining about how hot it is.

Situations like this have led to women complaining about “sexist” office temperatures, which have led to men on Reddit scoffing at the idea, typing away from their mom’s laptop that this is “just another ridiculous anti-man campaign from feminists,” but it turns out, science backs the ladies.

In fact, there’s a slew of reasons why women may naturally feel colder than men, highlighted by Glamour. And guess what? It doesn’t have anything to do with wearing skirts in the winter or dressing like a thot in the office.

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First off, women have a higher body temperature than men. You’d think having a higher body temperature would mean that women were hotter, but it doesn’t. In fact, if you naturally have a higher body temperature (as most women do), you feel even colder because you’re not used to feeling cold. Great.

If you’re on birth control, this phenomenon is doubled.

Not that we needed another birth control side effect to worry about, but if you’re on birth control, you have an even higher body temperature, which means that you feel even colder. Cool, so when you’re feeling depressed and bloated, you can also freeze your ass off.

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On top of our higher body temperatures, women’s feet and hands have been found to be colder than men’s by a few degrees, according to a study. You’ve probably heard from your mom at some point that you have to keep your fingers and toes warm because they regulate your body temperature, right? And if your feet and hands are cold, the rest of your body is going to feel cold af too.

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Lastly, our slower metabolisms don’t only fuck us over in terms of burning off McDonald’s. Your slow metabolism also makes you cold. The faster your metabolism is, the hotter your body is naturally. So since women’s metabolisms are naturally slower than guy’s metabolisms, we’re always going to be colder than them. Lucky us!

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