How To Choose a Birth Control That Won’t Kill Your Sex Drive

Along with potentially “blessing” you with mood swings, weight gain, and cystic acne, hormonal birth control also has the ability to fuck with your sex drive.

If you’ve ever been on birth control, you probably already knew this. But if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard some vague explanation from your gyno about how birth control “may affect your sex drive, but different people have different reactions.” Actually, it’s likely that you haven’t heard anything about this at all, because the only thing doctors care about less than female pleasure is negative birth control side effects.

Well, a study finally went more in depth into figuring out exactly how different types of hormonal birth controls can change your sex drive, and in what ways.

Turns out women who use birth control higher in progesterone tend to have more sex if they’re in a committed relationship, whereas people on birth control higher in estrogen have more sex when they’re not in a committed relationship, according to the study.

There are many different types of hormonal birth controls, and some have solely progesterone, solely estrogen, or a combination of both.

So basically, if you’re in a long term relationship, it’s probably better to go for a birth control higher in progesterone. Likewise, if you’re single and ready to mingle, probs better to go for one higher in estrogen.

The good news is if you’re considering going on birth control, you now have more concrete data on how to select which brand is right for you and your sex life. The bad news is even if one birth control works wonders on your sex life, it might fuck your life up in some other way, because birth control has so many glorious side effects.

Either way, we’re happy researchers are finally taking the time to research how birth control affects women. After all, we’ve only been taking it since the 1960s.

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