Guys Get Weirdly Turned On By These Random Clothing Items

Have you ever noticed that guy’s have really strange preferences on women’s clothing?

I mean, it doesn’t matter, considering that men have no place telling women WTF they should wear, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

The Galore editorial team started powwowing about the weird things their boyfriends loved on them, and then took to Reddit for further research.

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While there’s no denying that most dudes love yoga pants, short shorts/skirts, and clothes that leave little to the imagination, there were also plenty of dudes with super random clothing turn-ons.

1. Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

Either dudes are low-key obsessed with Tom Cruise in Risky Business, or they really like girls in men’s button-ups. Multiple guys on Reddit voiced their affinity for chicks wearing “long sleeve dress shirts,” such as the dude below.

“Omfg the long sleeve dress shirts are so hot,” said Reddit user The_wanderer3.

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2. Granny Panties

You’d think that guys would want women to choose underwear that covered as little as possible, but some bros said they liked the granny panty look, or at least something a little more covered.

“Why do almost all women wear thongs? It’s not as hot or sexy as panties I don’t think,” said Reddit user PKHustle90.

Unfortunately, guys clearly don’t realize that we wear thongs because they avoid VPL…and they’re surprisingly quite comfy.

3. Baggy Pants

Considering dudes’ obsession with yoga pants, you’d assume that they wouldn’t be #1 fans of baggier trousers. And yet, the last time I rocked a pair of satiny cargo pants around my boo (they’re cuter than they sound, I swear), he weirdly loved them. My co-worker had a similar experience, mentioning that her boyfriend was really into a baggy pair of pants she bought the other month.

Kim K and Kylie are quickly proving that sweatpants can be sexy.

“There’s just something about a girl in baggy track pants,” said Reddit user Under_The_Jail.

4. Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are stylish af right now, and on top of them being comfy af, some dudes apparently go bonkers for them.

“Pajama pants. hnng,” said Reddit user Numidia.

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5. Peach Pink Anything

This year’s Pantone color of the year is a putrid green that only Rihanna looks good in, but last year’s light pink apparently brought all the boys to the yard. Or at least this slightly desperate looking Reddit user.

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“In summer, this peachy pink color drives me wild… so anything this color will gain my undivided attention,” said Reddit user _PM_ME_ANYTHING_PLZ.

6. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses seem like something a dude would shit on because it doesn’t allow for “easy access,” but tons of dudes seem to have a thing for them.

“Maxi dresses. Fuckin A,” said Reddit user jeffreywomack.


We came across this gem of a comment and had to feature it on its own. It reminds us so much of the Amy Schumer comedy skit about “chicks who can hang,” that we swear it’s a joke. But sadly, we don’t think it is.

“I like simplicity. Or when they wear something I would wear. Like just a tshirt and shorts to me is hotter than some dress thing. They look like a guy but fucking hot with tits and everything,” said Reddit user Dent18.


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