Curve model India-Haylee Barton is just following her intuition

Curve model India Haylee Barton is making a name for herself by only collabing with the dopest art photographers out there. Having starred in the new GCDS campaign shot by Nadia Lee Cohen and worked with names like Parker Day and Millicent Hailes, India’s personal taste dictates who she decides she wants to shoot with. Definitely keep an eye on this non basic babe!

Shearling coat: Stylist’s own

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How did you get into modeling?

I loved reading fashion magazines when I was younger and was really inspired by the editorials, garments and all of it really, so I started volunteering at fashion weeks and shows in Australia just helping out doing mostly back of house jobs, I also worked as a junior agent for an agency in Sydney before I moved to LA.

When I first moved here I had been signed to an agency back in Australia but curve/plus size models weren’t really taken seriously at the time there and Australia had limited jobs, but I started off doing some background here in a few music videos and met great people who referred me to other gigs and it just kinda started this crazy flow of shoots with amazing artists here.

You seem like you’re a bit more involved in the creative process than the average model. Do you see yourself ever getting into art direction?

Yes, I would love that, I do try to be involved in the creative process when I can, I’m actually working on a project right now with my friend Seema and have been doing some set design and art direction for that, but would love to get into that more for sure.

All of your shoots are highly creative. How do you decide who you want to work with?

There’s no real formula, but if we have the same vision creatively, then I’m down. I love to do crazy editorials and I’m usually down for anything I’ve just been fortunate to cross paths and create with some amazing photographers and artists.

Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my friends and the artists I create with. I’m also really inspired style wise by early 2000s late 90s movies like Clueless, Thirteen, Jawbreaker and obviously Anna Nicole Smith is an inspiration style wise. Also cult classics like Pulp Fiction, Heathers & Labyrinth and just like eras of music, fashion and pop culture – but I’m also very inspired by the simplicity of nature it seems to have all the brightest colors and most extravagant patterns. it’s definitely got a lot to do with what you are surrounded by for sure.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a photo?

I think the craziest things I’ve done were with Nadia [Nadia Lee Cohen] she always gets me to do wild things and most recently she got me to shave GCDS into my undercut for their latest campaign, but it might tie with the time I was full body vacuum sealed for a music video for Knox Hamilton.

Earrings and Choker: House of Emmanuele, Hooded Dress: Kaimin

What’s your favorite street in LA?

I’d have to say Sunset Blvd. because of its history it expands all the way through LA and is the hub of lots of my favorite places, plus it goes all the way to the beach what more could you ask of a street, really?!

What’s your go to sushi order?

I’d have to go with toro rolls or just any tuna roll really, but I do limit my meat intake and eat vegan/vegetarian as often as possible as the ocean/environment isn’t doing so well right now.

Your portfolio is really diverse – do you have a favorite kind of style?

I really love to do editorials and beauty!

Mask: Piers Atkinson, Pearl Ear Cuffs: Rinaldy A. Yunardi, Necklace: House of Emmanuele, Cape: Quentin Veron

How do you prep your face before getting into makeup for a shoot?

I do my usual morning routine of cleansing then serum and moisturizer and sunscreen, I’ve just started to use the Clarisonic and it’s honestly made a difference. Usually the makeup artist on each set is different, but they all tend to do a quick hydration facial and lots of rose water spray throughout the shoot to keep my face moisturized!

Favorite place to shop?

I like to shop vintage and thrifting is really fun in LA theres lots of amazing designer finds. This town is full of amazing local designers to support, so I don’t really like to buy from big, chain stores as the quality is usually awful and the factory workers are seriously overworked and underpaid, and I’m really not into wearing the same look as five girls around me.

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Vintage Veiled Bow: Stylist’s Own, Necklaces: House of Emmanuele, Coat: David Ferreira

Favorite junk food?

I’m not really into junk food per say but I do love pizza, and if I were to snack it’d probably be cheese plate with some olives or something like that.

As a model, what’s your pet peeve during a shoot?

I actually don’t think I have one – is that weird?

If you could only have one pair of heels and one pair of sneakers for the rest of you life what would you buy?

Adidas x Jeremy Scott streetball sneakers and Christian Louboutin Victorina Flame 100mm red pumps.

Stylist, Laura Duncan

Creative director, Pedro Zalba

Photographer, Albert Sanchez

Make-up, Gregory Arlt 

Hair, Jon Lieckfelt 

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