Six insane Depop accounts you won’t find on the Explore page

If you don’t know of Depop, I envy you.

If only I, too, were blissfully unaware. I’d undoubtedly be $400 richer and a lot more satisfied with the state of my current wardrobe not knowing all of the vintage treasures that lay just out of my reach.

But what I “hate” most about Depop is also what’s so great about it: you can literally find anything and everything you’ve ever asked Santa for if you just look hard enough.

There are thousands and thousands of sellers on DepopSometimes though, it can be hard to find more lowkey sellers while sifting through the pages with hundreds of thousands of followers. The way the Explore page is set up, though, sometimes makes it difficult to really sift through the major pages with thousands of followers and find more lowkey, often equally-cool sellers.

But as someone who spends far more time than I’m willing to admit on the app aforementioned, I got you. If you’re into online treasure-hunting and looking to dig a little deeper, look no further. These are the lowkey Depop shops you did’t know you needed to know about, and there’s a little something for everyone.

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Calling all self-proclaimed club kids or, more realistically, cool people who are too cool to deem themselves ‘club kids’. You most likely need this shop in your life immediately (yes, the matter is time sensitive— her stuff goes fast!). This shop is chock full of amazing chunky platforms, grommet belts, chain bags, you name it. I could easily see the right person copping an entire outfit from here in one sitting.


This shop will make all of your 90s Missy Elliot music video dreams come true (which, if you’re me, covers like 90% of your dreams). This shop pays major homage to 80s to early 00s urban and hip hop culture, and is super reminiscent of old shows like A Different World. From windbreakers to sneakers to iconic jerseys, this shop is truly a portal through time. Even if this style isn’t your thing, incorporating even one dope piece from this shop into an outfit could be super cool.


I forget how exactly I found this seller: probably the same way one might find those really niche tutorial videos on YouTube or those ASMR vids on Instagram. In either case, I’m really glad I have.

The seller, Cole, has the perfect mix of wearable retro and streetwear pieces. Like, fresh and clean throwbacks that almost anyone can appreciate, mixed with some modern vibes and the occasional pink fur coat (yes, I’m serious). And all for beyond reasonable prices.


This is easily one of my favorite shops on Depop. It’s literally the virtual equivalent of Disneyworld, like just as fun but more cool and refined. From cow print high waisted pants to heart leather chain bags, this shop is perfect for fans of vintage Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood, Moschino and the like…basically, people who like to have fun with fashion in a tasteful way. There are so many gems here that are simply unreal, both vintage and new.


This shop is perfect for those who are fans of more Western/bohemian style. Think fringe, but like even more fringe, then throw some suede atop the western sundae. Whether you’re someone who saves leather shorts for festival season or just gets your kicks all year round, don’t sleep on this dope selection of authentic vintage.


This shop is last, but certainly not least. It’s full of items that were already incredibly cool to begin with— but many of them have been reworked to make them even more interesting, wearable and relevant. It truly is the best of both worlds, those worlds being old and new. It’s kind of like a sister store to @_cc_, because it definitely features lots of bright colors and fun prints, but not in a gimmicky way.

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Now there’s literally no excuse to only shop the Depop pages everyone else does, given that some of the most poppin’ pages are still super lowkey. Plus, we anticipate that most of these shops are bound to blow up sooner than later, so best get on the bandwagon before that happens.

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