Beyoncé’s MUA says we’ve been applying foundation wrong

Just when we thought we knew everything about makeup we are quickly reminded that there are a thousand ways to apply it.

You might love a full beat down with heavy coverage, glitter and cut creases, or you might go the more seamless route where you barely notice a contour and your foundation is skin like.

Well Bey’s MUA is giving the tea on how she likes her makeup applied as well as a few tricks used to make the beat extra lit.

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In an interview with Pop Sugar, Bey’s MUA Sir John explains that 2018 is the year majority of women are backing away from heavy makeup looks and want more of a flawless and skin like finish.

Like most of us, he uses a damp beauty blender on Bey and says that we actually don’t need foundation on our entire face.

Instead, he says to only apply foundation where you need coverage and where your skin needs additional attention.


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Sir John also recommends you apply your foundation while your moisturizer is still damp to prevent a thick finish of foundation.

“If you wait for your moisturizer to dry, your foundation will dry on top of that,” which Sir John describes as a “disconnect between how the foundation cements onto your complexion.”

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He says to only use foundation where you need it because it will all you to blend it out more smoothly as well as providing a more natural base for the next steps in your routine.

His two favorite foundations to use on his clients which not only include Bey but also Serena Williams, Joan Smalls, Mary J Blige and countless others lives by NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ($49) and L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation ($13).

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