Synthetic vs. mink lashes: wtf is the difference?

If you’re into beauty and shit, you’ve probably seen “mink lashes” and “synthetic lashes” on just about every website that sells beauty items, including cheaper sites like Amazon and Ali Express.

If you’ve ever wondered what these terms mean and some great brands that carry them, don’t even trip because we got you covered.

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Synthetic lashes are heavy, thick and made of man-made plastic fibers and the cheaper option.

They’re also thicker than natural human lashes and due to the materials used to make these lashes, you will be able to tell the difference between your natural lashes and the strips.

Synthetic lashes are for one-to-three time wear if you take care of them by removing the glue each time. Some super popular brands for this type of lash include ArdellΒ andΒ Kiss lashes and come naturally dark and vary in style.

These lashes are super cheap and will run you about $3-$5 per pair and have a super natural look, depending on your style preference.



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Mink lashes are a higher end version of lashes and also said to be made of real mink fur, according to various sites, including this one. Mink lashes are soft, light weight and can be used around 30 times per pair.

Mink lashes are said to be super high quality and the hairs have a low sheen so that they are able to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Many drug store brands are starting to have mink lashes within their drug store brand which are still affordable in comparison to others.

Mink lashes will run you about $20-$40 per pair depending on the brand. Some highly rated brands that carry mink lashes are Dulce Luxe Beauty which only run for $22-$25 per pair.

Lash extensions are also really big right now and range in price for about $85-$200 depending on the lash tech. You’ll have to get fill-ins every 2-3 weeks and fill ins range in between $50-$80 as well.

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