6 Yeezy Season 7 dupes from Kim K’s Japan trip

A Yeezy season 7 “campaign” tour was looking to be in full swing overseas when Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian took over a few cities in Japan earlier this month. During this sister trip, Kim K was photographed wearing none other than her boo’s brand, Yeezy, from head to toe.

#YeezySZN6 had a very successful and influential campaign launch that took place this past fashion month. The campaign featured an Instagram lookbook of Kim Kardashian (and “clones“) candid paparazzi pics (apparently Balenciaga got that memo too).

The brand’s monochrome trend combined with minimalism continues to be a staple in the West household. Season 7 is looking to be a continuation of that, only with more dashes of blue, silver, & unexpectedly, pink sprinkled in.

So, if you’re part of the Yeezy mafia and you want to get ahead of the Season 7 wave but you’re balling on a budget, here are some affordable dupes of my favorite outfits during their Japanese excursion.

1. Silver Surfer

One of my personal favorite looks, that my Yeezy (Max B) “stan”  self is definetly loving is the “Silver Surfer”.

Kim K is all decked out in silver hues but in a multitude of different fabrics. Although velvet, Prettylittlething carries a replica of this jacket for about ($75).

Underneath, she is sporting basic spandex-esq biker short and top you can find a dupe for both here. On her feet of course none other than her beau’s new coveted Desert Rat 500 pretty much a fancy name for another (dope) dad shoe.

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2. Spykid Chic

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KKW steps out basically in my dream luxury spy kid cosplay. Starting from top to bottom, her glasses are to die for, I found a similar pair over at Puma.

Her vest is a simple puffer vest and right now you can purchase one half off on North Face’s website (F.Y.I. they’re currently having an end of season sale).

She pairs her faintly printed black leggings with a simple white boot that surprisingly you can find @ Targét. Over at ASOS, they have a metallic silver version of this bootie.

3. Yeezy with a Twist

This Season 7 look follows Yeezy’s blueprint previous collections saga (oversized jacket, sweatpants and a heeled shoe).

Usually, the Wests’ go-to choice is a clear silhouette but here, Kim pairs it with a cream python tall boot. Luckily Charlotte Russe carries one that’s pretty close to their’s and they’re only ($20).

If you are trying to find a similar shearling jacket I would head to ASOS for this also and just get it two sizes larger to replicate this exact look.

4. Blue Dream

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“Blue Dream” is my second favorite look from the Kardashian’s Japanese excursion.

This blue is everything!  I personally would go for maybe a tennis mini dress like this one at Lacoste to get that sporty feel to recreate this look.

She pairs this dress with basic kimono, and a super sick mini belt bag (my fav trend right now) you can purchase a dupe at Vera Bradley.

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5. Keeping Up With the Weather (NYC VS. LA)

Clearly, the West Coast and East Coast have two totally different versions of winter.

Here, KKW displays how you can get the same Yeezy vibe during your winter to spring transitions coast to coast.

For the LA version of this look (on right) she goes for another biker short-tube sock-dad-shoe combo but pairs it with a cropped tube top instead you can find one here.

The winter version (on Left) includes a basic charcoal baby tee along with leggings but styled with a closed toed mule shoe like this Steve Madden version. Both outfits are layered with a cropped puffer coat but are tweaked with another sick bag detail, a “neck pouch“. If you’re on a budget, you can find a cardholder version by Kate Spade on her website!

Godspeed Yeezy/Kardashian mafia.

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