Here’s How to Rock Bike Shorts Before Everybody Starts Wearing Them

Kim Kardashian has been rocking the bike shorts lately, which means soon, everyone else will too.

But just like leggings, there’s a right and a wrong way to wear bike shorts. You don’t want to look like you’re headed to SoulCycle, and you def don’t want to look like you’re on a walk of shame. So here’s a cheat sheet for how to make the look your own before it becomes everybody else’s, too.

1. Add a Leather Jacket

Adding a leather jacket to any outfit, even last night’s dress stained with wine, makes you feel way cooler. The same principle applies to bike shorts, as you can see on Kim here.

If you wore a sweatshirt, you’d obvi look like a bum. But a leather jacket suddenly makes you look like a badass who just decided to rock some fucking bike shorts because those shits were comfy.

A super badass studded one like Kim’s would give you extra cool points, but a regular one like this one from ASOS will do the trick without completely breaking your bank. Or an oxblood one like this one might break your bank, but would be worth it.

2. Free The Nipple

What better way to distract from the fact that you’re wearing high-waisted work out shorts than to flash a little nip? Kim pulled this look off flawlessly here. Obviously, going tits out for the boys isn’t appropriate for every occasion, but if you’re looking for a way to spice up your fashion week look or are going to a concert, this could maybe work. If you’re not as bold as Kimmy, you can always wear a bra or fun pasties.

3. Wear Them Under a Big T-Shirt

If you’re not ready to rock the full on bike shorts trend like Kim, a good baby step is to wear them under a big t-shirt like Kendall does here. You may not even see the bike shorts at all, or you’ll just see the sliver, and they’ll be more functional than fashionable, considering that they’ll be the reason you don’t flash your crotch when getting out of an Uber. If your boyfriend doesn’t have any cute tees for you to steal, try this sweatshirt from Nasty Gal or this tye-dye tee from ASOS.

4. Play With Fabric & Print

If you’ve decided that the all black spandex look isn’t for you, have no fear, all you need is a little money in the bank and you can elevate your bike shorts style by purchasing something fancier. These printed shorts from Revolve change it up, and these lacey ones from Shopbop make the look a bit more feminine. Blank denim made some killer leather ones which are sold out currently, but will likely restock since they were such a hit (at least we’re hoping).

5. Layer Them Under Shorts

If you haven’t noticed, fishnets are suddenly everywhere, and you can kill two trends with one purchase by rocking a fishnet bike shorts style under your jean shorts. This ASOS pair is pure fishnet, but you also try something less punk-y like these Hanky Panky lace bike shorts.

6. Add Heels, DUH!

Weekend vibes

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One surefire way to show everyone you’re not headed to SoulCycle is to wear stilettos or some type of heel. Adding jewelry also amps up the fashion factor. Any heels can work for this, but a classic pump shape like these from ASOS will elongate your legs instead of cutting them off like Kim’s heels do.

7. Pair Them With a Bodysuit

Instead of trying to tuck a shirt into a tight-ass pair of bike shorts and risking a fupa-shaped bump, rock a bodysuit, specifically a thong one so you don’t get panty lines. You don’t want to look like an 80s workout instructor though, so try something a bit edgier like Rare London bodysuit or this mesh one from Nastygal.

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