How to dress like your astrological sign

Astrology and fashion are a sickening combo that informs the world and ourselves about our identities and emotions.

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, use this style guide to unleash your astrological style and take pointers from these trendy celebrities repping your sun sign to the fullest.

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You’re the first of the zodiac, so naturally you’re an energetic go-getter that does whatever you want. You’re typically an aggressive powerhouse, and when it comes to fashion you don’t hold back either. You have a unique style and it can sometimes be all over the place — but that’s fine for you because you just want to be noticed first.

For Aries that have a developed sense of style, you tend to keep your silhouettes the same. You are a headstrong and determined ram that knows what looks good on your body. You play to your strengths and once you figure out your look, you don’t want to color outside your lines. Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are perfect examples of confident Aries who locked into their style.

Kourtney’s go-to, well-executed street style is a fitted top, perfectly shaped denim, heels, and a natural glow. She’ll occasionally drape an oversized denim jacket or duster. Posh Spice prefers a chic collared shirt, blazer, tailored pant, pointed-toe stiletto, and oversized designer frames.

Need help nailing your Aries signature look? Use your Aries energy and dive into this fashionable quest horns first. Try different silhouettes and fabrics and see what works for your body. What feels good on your skin? What makes you feel sexy and comfortable? Once you nail that, you’ll have trailblazing street style and your fire sign will be leading the way.

Celebrity Style Sister: Kourtney Kardashian

Other Fashionable Aries: Pharrell, Victoria Beckham, Fergie, Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Big Sean, Quavo, Shay Mitchell, Jessie J, Simi & Haze.

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Venus, the planet of beauty and love, rules you, so naturally, you like nice things. You only splurge on standout pieces, yet your fashion itself isn’t very stand out. You like to play it safe and keep it simple. As a fixed sign, it’s hard for you to change your opinions and roam away from your comfort zone.

On your worst day, you can be overindulgent and very stubborn. You typically have two speeds, like that of the bull; you’re either overcharged or extremely relaxed (lazy). You admire fashion, but contemplate if what’s trending will actually look good on you. Ignore the classic Taurus voices in your head and go against the grain. Don’t be calculated, don’t get stuck, don’t be careful, throw away your to-do list.

In fashion there are no rules, so let your bull run wild. Take inspo from Taurus designers Donatella Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Valentino Garavani. You can be a trendsetter. Get out of your grounded, plain Jane head, and start turning heads.

Celebrity Style Sister: Gigi Hadid

Other Fashionable Taurus: Cher, David Beckham, Janet Jackson, Kehlani, Black Chyna, Lily Allen, Barbra Streisand, Trisha Paytas


Communicative planet Mercury rules your sign, forcing you to always make a statement with your fashion.

You’re witty, clever, open-minded and it’s apparent in your fashion choices. You’re versatile and vibrant, adventurous and inventive. Your fashion is theatrical.

Sometimes it’s not about looking pretty – you’re forcing people to talk and think about your fashion choices.

See Gemini stylist Maeve Reilly. Her vision has been expressed on muses Hailey Balwin, Justine Skye, Halsey, Janelle Monae, and Tinashe. She is partly responsible for making streetwear so gosh darn chic. This Gemini is doing her job right.

If you’re lost in the fashion world, Gemini, find your inner voice and get to talkin’ with your body. Gemini twins Mary-Kate and Ashley made homeless chic cool, and Kanye’s Yeezy creations jumped over Jumpman; but, most importantly all these Geminis have moved fashion forward and adjusted the culture—whether it’s altering the perceptions of gender identification in fashion, defining what’s sexy, or bringing the street to the limelight.

Celebrity Style Sister: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Other Fashionable Geminis: Prince, Kanye West, Mel B, Maeve Reilly, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac, G-Eazy, North West, Lauryn Hill, Lenny Kravitz, Boy George


Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac. Cancers are also an ultra feminine sign.

You dress how you feel Cancer, that’s because you’re ruled by the Moon, which controls emotions. Selena Gomez is a perfect example of dressing how you feel. While taking a break from social media, she learned to love her body, and dressed comfortably how she wanted on her terms. Now—boom! Selena came back looking good, but most importantly feeling good about herself. Since then you can tell she’s in a happier place, wearing bright and fun pink eyeshadow at the 2017 Met Gala with a new boo.

Be playful Cancer. Don’t let your mental state overpower your physical appearance. Homebody Cancer loves feeling as if they’re wearing pajamas all day. Adopt an athleisure look—sweats and heels, or dress, sneakers, and vintage dad cap to embody the perfect stylish homebody look.

Celebrity Style Sister: Selena Gomez

Other Fashionable Cancers: Solange, Jaden Smith, Ariana Grande, Jessica Simpson, Cyndi Lauper, Isabela Moner


You’re a fire sign, Leo, symbolized by the king or queen of the jungle, the Lion. Your style is show-stopping and neck-breaking. One thing a Leo hates is being ignored, and trust: no one will ignore you when it comes to what you’re wearing.

You walk through life as if it’s your personal world tour. Your ruling planet is the Sun, so you’re constantly ready to bring the heat. You love bright colors, big bling, over the top trends, bows, stripes, anything out of the ordinary. As a lion, you’re fierce and take pride in all of your looks. If you’re shy in any other aspect of life, know fashion is your one getaway that allows you to shine as a true Leo. Your style leaves others empowered and awakened, so be that flamboyant Leo and bring light to others.

Celebrity Style Sister: Jennifer Lopez

Other Fashionable Leos: Charli XCX, Whitney Houston, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovoto, Cara Delevingne, Lil Uzi, Amanda Steele, Madonna


Virgos are also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication – so your wittiness will lead you to making a statement. But you are much more detailed orientated, patient, and particular than Gemini, thus you really care about your appearance and will spend hours picking the right outfit for the right occasion.

You’re smart with your fashion like Gemini, but take it to the next level — you’re saying something about yourself or the world around you. Virgo Zendaya wore dreadlocks to the 2015 Oscars, embracing her black lineage, and making a radical statement about the acceptance of black hair. Virgo Michael Jackson continues to influence the world of fashion. Virgo Beyoncé paid tribute at the 2016 Super Bowl to Malcolm X, The Black Panthers, and shedding light on the Black Livers Matter Movement.

Virgo energy is pure, nurturing, helpful, organized, careful, and detail oriented. You have high standards. As a mutable sign, you have the ability to change and adapt. Your fashion sense is the same. One day you’re rocking the latest trend, the next you’ve done something drastic like chopping off all your hair. When it comes to fashion, have fun. Don’t be so hard on yourself to look perfect. For relaxed days, reach for a graphic tee that sets the message straight.

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Celebrity Style Sister: Zendaya

Other Fashionable Virgos: Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Nick Jonas, Lil Yatchy, Pink, Jason Derulo, Rachel Zoe, Bebe Rexha, Amy Winehouse, Justine Skye


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, thus you are naturally good looking and incorporate your best physical assets into your style.

Your ruling planet also allures you to expensive, fashionable treats. Symbolized by the scales, your fashion sense is one that may be off-balance, meaning you can be a little all over the place with your taste until you find yourself.

You have an idea of what looks good, but it takes some grooming to showcase the best you. You’re drawn to luxury, so either save and splurge on a designer cross-body, pricey denim, or expensive leather jacket. It makes sense to spend major cents on these everyday pieces. Also a good bag, denim, and leather jacket will never go out of style. So as your Libra style evolves, you’ll never throw these investments out of your closet.

Celebrity Style Sister: Hailey Baldwin

Other Fashionable Libras: Halsey, Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Sami Miro, Bella Hadid, Bella Thorne, Gwyneth Paltrow, ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, Ashlee Simpson


You’re a very seductive sign, with sexual energy oozing from your pores, making it difficult for people to ignore you even if they aren’t necessarily attracted to you. Whatever you wear, eyes are on you.

Your body language speaks more than your fashion sense, your eyes tell stories and captivate. Scorpios are water signs — emotional, intuitive, and creative. Your style reflects your mood, yet you’re more secretive than a Cancer, so you don’t completely wear your emotions on your sleeve (literally).

You’re a secretive trendsetter, you do what you want, wear what you want, yet captivate all around you. You take on many personas, there are three evolutions of the Scorpio, so it’s difficult to narrow a “Scorpio’s style.” Whatever you wear Scorpio, it’s a reflection of your passion and mood of the moment. Scorpios are the sporty spice of the zodiac. Many need a physical outlet for all that intensity and pint up emotion. You’re a sexy sign that doesn’t need to dress sexy. Try jazzing up your sporty go-to t-shirt and jeans with a corset, heels, red lip, and chokers for the ultimate fiery Kendall Jenner look.

Celebrity Style Sister: Kendall Jenner

Other Fashionable Scorpios: Katy Perry, Odell Beckham Jr., Willow Smith, Jeffree Star, Future, Emma Stone, Tove Lo, Frank Ocean

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Sagittarians are strong and opinionated fire signs — a straight shooter, symbolized by the archer. You are often concerned with humanity and this comes across through your fashion choices. You naturally are an adventurous sign and always down for travel and exploration of the world or ideas. To put it frank: you don’t give a f*ck.

You’re not worried about being sexy or the on-trend girl. You dress for you and inspire people in that way. Look at Sagittarius Sia. She hates the idea of fame, so she uses fashion to hide her identity, which causes her to be more famous and mysterious. Monica Rose, although she seems to be a fashion conformist, she sets the trends. She puts daring looks on the most elite celebrities, which then everyone copies. Her point of view on femininity has altered female street style.

She may not be working with the Kardashian/Jenner fam anymore, but she gave them their signature effortless styles. Unlike Virgos, Sagittarians aren’t as calculated. They don’t care if they’re sending the right message; they just want to send their message. This ego gets them noticed.

Celebrity Style Sister: Zoe Kravitz

Other Fashionable Sagittarians: Monica Rose, Miley Cyrus, Sia, Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora, Hailee Steinfeld, Janelle Monae


Capricorns are a little like mullets — business in the front, party in the back.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and maturity, Capricorns have a very serious air about them. Capricorns tend overanalyze like Virgos, however their execution to their fashion is less about sending a message. You’ll either rock a power suit, or find the strength to let go of your super rigid ways and throw on whatever the f*ck floats your boat.

Look at polar opposite Capricorns Michelle Obama and Mary J. Blige. The former First Lady dazzled us in beautiful gowns, remaining conservative yet stylish. Mary J. Blige is wilder. Her style has evolved through a hip-hop lens. Lots of leather, chains, prints, fur, you name it. This Capricorn is all party, and all fearless.

The range you can pull off is immense, Capricorn. You love nice things, possibly borderline materialistic, but although you have expensive taste, your mature Saturn nature keeps you in check with spending. For the most part, your thriftiness is a hallmark for Capricorn finances. Spend wise and build up your closet for the many facets of you.

Celebrity Style Sister: Aaliyah

Other Fashionable Capricorns: Zayn Malik, Elvis Presley, Michelle Obama, Ellie Goulding, David Bowie, FKA Twigs, Mary J. Blige, Marilyn Manson, Dolly Parton


You’re the flower child of the zodiac — a non-conforming, social butterfly that loves to love, make friends, and be free. It only makes sense that you would approach your personal style with this mentality.

Many Aquarians also use fashion to make a rebellious statement. You’re a walking paradox Aquarius. Your heart and mind always in the right place, but sometimes you quickly change your mind because you are so free.

Aquarians Adam Lambert and Alicia Keys use fashion as a call to action, but have shifted their points of view as well.

Although this is not an original concept (there are, and have been, women who don’t wear makeup everyday or at all because they can’t afford it, but that’s another story), Alicia Keys stands behind this revolutionary-ish cause. Miss Keys is not fallin’ for any of these beauty trends. Her free spirit is saying to hell with makeup, but if you like wearing it, keep on doing so.

Celebrity Style Sister: Yara Shahidi

Other Fashionable Aquarius: Kerry Washington, Tinashe, Adam Lambert, Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Bea Miller, Ariel Winter, Alicia Keys


You are the most creative water sign, if not the most creative sign of the zodiac. Fashion is fun for you! You love expressing your emotions and dreams through your fashion in the most carefree way. You are so talented and can do the most with limited resources.

Pisces are ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy. Thus fashion is used as an escape for many Pisces. You may be written off as being shy or quiet, but with your clothes, you are another person. You are a chameleon of the zodiac. Your style is equally chameleon-like. This gives you the opportunity to change your look and still look like a badass.

Ever wonder how Rihanna effortlessly pulls off every single look? Pisces are a rolodex of looks. You see something you like and make it your own. You magically seem to know what’s going to be a trend. It’s ugly until a Pisces decides it not. Your charming personality also helps inspire others to obtain your look.

Rihanna and Justin Bieber are both guilty of being cool, effortlessly stylish Pisces. Justin Bieber brought back tour merch. He gave fanwear a pedestrian street swag. He’s not sorry for his fashion choices, and you better believe Rihanna is unapologetic about her choices. If you’re going to come for this Pisces, or any Pisces, know that she will annihilate you with her fashion sense.

If you’re a Pisces that struggles with expressing yourself, look to these Pisces style icons for inspo, and in general – stop caring! The arts are your playground, so let your imagination run wild, and let your inner fish swim freely. Overall you have a fearless style. You’re daring, innovative, creative, and the ultimate crazy, sexy, cool.

Celebrity Style Sister: Rihanna

Other Fashionable Pisces: Justin Bieber, Tyler the Creator, Becky G, Madison Beer, Adam Levine, Brooklyn Beckham, Kesha,, Cindy Crawford, Whitney Port, Jhene Aiko

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