Here’s How Long it Takes to Lose Your BFF At a Party

We all have that one friend. You get ready together, you pregame (way too hard) together, and you enter the party together. But at some point in the night, she completely disappears. You swear she was next to you getting down to “Work From Home,” but now she’s nowhere to be found.

How does this happen? Well, alcohol. But how long does it take for this to happen?

Well, it takes on average 78 minutes to lose your friend at a party, according to a study done in the UK by Zenly, a geo-location network.

“We interviewed a cross section of the general British population and Zenly’s customers between 16 to 25 years old and asked them about their habits and experiences regarding going out,” explained Zenly to Galore.

Okay, so not that scientific, but 78 minutes, slightly over an hour, still sounds about right, doesn’t it?

I mean, the first hour is all about partnering up like true wing women and accepting drinks from losers so that one of you can “need to go pee” and you can GTFO with your freshly acquired vodka-tonics.

But then, vodka-tonics turn into shots of fireball, which turn into chugging from random pitchers of beer from people that you hardly even know. And then suddenly, you look around and realize that you have no clue where your BFF went.

But it’s not just alcohol that gets us lost. 54 percent of the survey respondents said that their phones dying was what really fucked them over, whereas 32 percent said it was bad phone service that did them in.

Alright sure guys, blame your phone battery. What a classic excuse for when you want to ditch your friend to go hook up with the hot bartender but not have her get pissed for you making her Uber home alone. Whatevs.

If you’re the friend that’s sick of getting ditched, maybe you should download Zenly, it’s basically the same as iOS’s Find My Friends, but claims to be more efficient and less wasteful of your battery.

Honestly, knowing where your friend is at isn’t necessarily going to make her hit the dance floor with you, but at least you’ll know that she’s safe!

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