How Guys Act Different When They’re With Girls At The Strip Club

Just like your boyfriend suddenly acts like he’s not an emotional teddy bear when he brings you around his guy friends, dudes also act differently when they’re in the strip club alone vs. when they drag their Tinder date along.

Seriously, if you made your boyfriend take you to the strip club to make sure he wasn’t being skeevy, you wasted your time, because obviously he’s going to act like a good little boy who’s not shoving dollars in stripper’s thongs if his girlfriend is watching.

Because we can’t install hidden video cameras in our man’s favorite strip club, we talked to exotic dancer Brooklyn Ford about how dudes change personalities when they’re with other girls vs. having a boy’s night out.

And her answers might not surprise you. “Of course men act differently when at the club with a girlfriend,” says Brooklyn.

She says a prime time for her to analyze couples at the strip club was last Valentine’s Day, weirdly enough.

“There were couples everywhere,” says Brooklyn. “Funny thing is that day was a quiet day where the couples merely tipped on stage and wanted nothing to do with interacting with dancers or getting dances. I noticed that when a guy would be interested in a dancer the girlfriend would quickly shut it down.”

But Brooklyn says some couples are more down to party than others.

“There are circumstances where a guy is with his girlfriend and he encourages the enjoyment,” says Brooklyn. “Buying dances, drinks, and even going up to VIP. It all depends on the girlfriend at times because there are episodes where she is 1000000% the boss.”

When dudes are alone, that’s when the party-creepy-fuckboy comes out.

“A [boy’s] night out brings out a type of inner intuition that many hide on typical occasions,” says Brooklyn. “This goes double for those who decide to take an adventurous trip the strip club.”

Brookyn says that this attitude is usually hidden when dudes bring their girlfriends to the strip club, “unless they are dating the coolest women in the universe, which is possible.”

The reason guys love the strip club so much is because it’s one of a few places where they can openly stare at tits, get fucked up, and act like a degenerate. Brooklyn says she’s even overheard guys saying, “My girlfriend would kill me if she knew what I spent my night doing.”

Brooklyn admits that she’s seen guys who are clearly interested in a dancer and try to play it off when they’re with a girlfriend.

“I am sure that with a group of male friends this particular guy would jump at the chance to be entertained by their stripper of choice. [But] with a girlfriend that’s a bit uncomfortable. He would look away, act distracted, and pretend that he and his girlfriend are at a ‘normal bar.'”

But when it comes to money, Brooklyn says that sometimes having girls in a group can be a good thing.

“When in groups, whether with male or females, money tends to be thrown like confetti depending on how intoxicated everyone is,” says Brooklyn. “I always love working groups because it is collective money to blow.”

Also, because boys like to show off, it ends up working for the dancer’s benefit.

“The male clients in the group try ever so hard to show the women ‘how its done,’” says Brooklyn. “There is an exhilarating combination of dances, sprinkled dollar bills, and an element of fun that cannot be matched.”

If you’re worried about the way your dude acts in the strip club, just get a new boyfriend. Because trying to spy on him is not going to work, clearly.

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