The Hottest Guys in America Come From These 8 States

The dating app Clover recently highlighted the eight states with the hottest girls and the top dating “trends” in each of the 50 states according to their data, but now we’re getting to the dudes.

While lots of the sexy ladies hailed from the states you’d kinda expect, like New York or Connecticut, it seems that people on Clover like their men rugged. Perhaps they’re lumber-sexual? Either way, it was a bit more difficult to find famous dudes to correlate with this very rural list, so bear with us.

1. Montana

Who’s Steve Reeves? I didn’t know either until today, but he was a professional bodybuilder and actor in the 50s/60s and played Hercules once. He was also really hot back in his day, obviously.

2. South Dakota

South Dakota isn’t exactly land of the celeb babes, so here we have Adam Vinatieri, the placekicker for the Colts. Yay football and DILFs!

3. Utah

Okay, Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, was born in Las Vegas, but he was raised in Utah, so it still counts, right?

4. North Dakota

Kellan Lutz would be from North Dakota, am I right? He’s so…rugged.

5. Missouri

He likes the way you do it right thurr. Chingy may no longer be relevant (or maybe he is becoming relevant again?), but there aren’t that many eligible babes from Missouri, sorry.

6. Oklahoma

James Marsden is from Oklahoma, which coincidentally had Oklahoma City rated as having the least attractive women. So maybe James Marsden has low standards and you can snag him?

7. Nebraska

Marlon Brando was an OG babe. If you have never seen A Streetcar Named Desire, go stream it right now.

8. Iowa

WWE’s Seth Rollins is really hot if you’re into long-haired muscle-y boys like I am. If not, go find a boyfriend in New York instead.

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