How To Hit On a Guy When He’s At Work

Guys are so much cuter when they’re in uniform being useful rather than in an untucked polo shirt being drunk idiots. Maybe that’s why it’s easier to find cute guys at work than at the club.

Unfortunately, it’s much more nerve-wracking to ask out a dude in front of his manager at Starbucks than in a dark club after you’ve had three tequila shots. So we’ve assembled a handy guide for turning your favorite dude in uniform into your next roleplaying partner.

1. Determine Whether He’s Worth It

Is he the cute bartender at your Wednesday night spot or the front desk guy at your gym? Take a step back and think about how awkward it’ll be if he rejects you or you guys hook up and it doesn’t work out. Are you going to feel awkward every time you go to the gym and see him? Are you going to have to convince your coworkers to find a new happy hour spot? If you DGAF whatever the outcome, then go for it. But if you’re the embarrassed type, maybe find a cutie at a place that isn’t your usual spot.

2. Search For Clues

You don’t need to find out his name and search every social media site for him, but definitely scope out your subject and pick up on any clues. Is he wearing a wedding ring? Does he notice you? If he doesn’t lay his eyes on you once, maybe you should reconsider. There’s nothing wrong with making the first move, but you can definitely save yourself some embarrassment by using visual cues to figure out if he’s feeling you or not.

3. Wait For The Semi-Perfect Time

There’s never going to be a “perfect” time to approach him. That being said, you shouldn’t approach a waiter when he’s clearly in the weeds, and you shouldn’t approach a mechanic as he’s laying down under a car. Wait until things are slow and the dude is clearly in between tasks for you to make your move, and it’ll end way better.

4. Start Up a Natural Conversation 

Do you enjoy when a guy comes up to you at a bar and asks if he can take you home tonight? Probably not. Although most guys are happy to see any girl hitting on them, it’s always nice to ease into the conversation rather than blurting out some jumbled words about how you’d love to see him outside of his place of work. It’s always good to be to the point, but considering how vain dudes are, I’m sure he’ll understand where you’re going with things.

5. Take It From Those Who Have Done It

On one of the most popular Reddit threads of all time, a woman asked the men of Reddit how to hit on a guy who was fixing her car, she did it, and they allegedly got engaged. Other women on the thread have said “Making the first move with my boyfriend was the best thing I’ve ever done, seriously.” Assuming they’re not just typical Reddit bros in disguise trying to encourage girls to hit on guys more, that’s great news!

In another thread where a woman asks men what they would think about being hit on in their place of employment, pretty much every dude said they’d be super flattered.

“Go for it,” one user said. “He’ll be flattered whether he’s into you or not. You don’t have anything to lose.”

“I work in a place where I sometimes deal with customers,” said another. “I’d be super flattered at worst and have a date for that weekend at best.”

“I’d love it,” one more said succinctly.

6. If All Else Fails, Just Give Him Your Number and Bounce

If you’re the nervous type and can’t stand rejection, try writing your number on something and giving it to him. If he’s a waiter, that’s easy. If he’s at another type of establishment, it can still easily be done. Write your number down, give him a little “thanks for your help today, here’s my number,” and run away before he can respond. If he doesn’t call, his loss. If he does, boo-yah bitch you’re a mother-fucking boss!

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