Highlighter Might Randomly Prevent Wrinkles

There’s nothing people seem to love more these days than slathering their bodies with highlighter so they shine bright like a unicorn diamond in the sky.

People smear it across their cheeks, dab it on the tip of their noses, dust a layer across their lips, and they’re even putting it on their boobs now.

But while people like me are rolling their eyes and chugging on the haterade, the joke’s on them because it looks like highlighter actually prevents wrinkles and other forms of sun damage.

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Earlier this month, a dermatologist named Dr. Phillip Artemi presented a paper on the surprising benefits of colored cosmetics like eye shadow, bronzer, and highlighter.

He announced that “we now advise that functional colored cosmetics should be added to the long-standing advice [of wearing sunscreen] in order to further reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging.”

Cool, right?

But also, not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but why does this work?

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Sejal Shah, a dermatologist in NYC, explained to Allure that “pigments and other light reflecting ingredients in makeup can act similarly to physical blockers and afford some protection for the skin.”

And there’s nothing that reflects light better than highlighter because that’s literally its purpose for existence.

Sejal points out that makeup is especially helpful around our eyes, which we tend not to cover with any sunscreen because hello, it burns like hell if it runs into your eyeballs.

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If you have sensitive skin and wearing makeup all the time brings all the cystic zits to the yard, by all means, don’t feel like you’re doing your skin a disservice by keeping your makeup to a minimum.

But if it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to start investing in some subtle highlighter.

Just think of it as an investment in your future.

The more highlighter you wear now, the less money you’ll have to spend in Botox injections later.

Sounds more appealing when you think of it that way, right?

See you at the Sephora counter, babes.

[H/T Allure]

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