Here’s Why Your Crush’s Touch Feels Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie

Have you ever noticed that when you’re really into someone, their touch feels extremely sexual?

Like, they could tap your shoulder to tell you to GTFO of their way, or flick a bee off you arm, and you’ll be wet and ready.

This isn’t a coincidence, and it’s not that your crush has a “magic touch.” It’s actually the way you feel about them causing their touch to seem so special.

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Having a crush can make your body feel all sorts of weird ways, and also increase your five senses. That’s why your partner’s “magic” touch is all in your head.

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A study found that your brain basically tricks you into feeling your crush’s (or lover’s) skin as super soft, even if it’s not any softer than yours. It does this to keep you interested in them, and you know, have babies and re-populate that earth and all that jazz.

Teen Vogue also reported that when you’re into someone, their touch becomes “hyper-sensitive” because your body is pumping out hormones and endorphins.

This sounds very scientifically magical, but it could be also kind of bad. Like, if you put someone on a pedestal, you’re probably going to think their sex game is lit because your brain just thinks everything they does is great. But, once you start seeing them as a regular person, you might realize their “touch” (or just the sex) isn’t so fab.

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This is where being hung up on the chase becomes a problem.

If anything, you should remember this study when the guy you’re feeling touches you and you feel “butterflies.” It’s probs just your brain telling you to make babies! Avoid it!

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