Here’s How Hard It Actually Is To Get Into The Met Gala

If you follow any D-list celebrities on Instagram, you’ve probably realized it’s not too difficult to get into award shows when you’re in the industry. After all, they’ve got seats to fill.

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But the Met Gala — a.k.a. the biggest, most prestigious red carpet event of the year — is in a whole different ball park. Either you have to be invited by a designer, or you have to have $30,000 laying around. And either way, you have to be approved by Anna Wintour. And a rejection by Ms. Wintour is a fate we’d only wish on our worst enemy.

Most celebrity guests are invited by a designer. Vogue makes a list of the celebs they want at the gala, and send them to the designers who’ve bought tables — at a $275,000 price tag — so they can dress them.

If a designer wants to bring a celeb that isn’t on the list, they have to get them approved by Anna Wintour first. If you’re selected by a designer, you obvi don’t have to pay, because people with money never have to pay for things.

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If you’re not a celeb but you’ve got billz on billz, you could just donate money to The Met consistently (as in the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Generally, these benefactors are invited, according to Pop Sugar, although they likely still have to pay for their ticket.

If you’re not an A-list celeb, but happen to date or be BFF’s with an A-list celeb, there’s a small chance you could be invited, but probs not. Traditionally, the celebs are the “date” of the designer who selected them, so there’s not a big chance they’re going to bring their latest boo thang as a +1.

That’s why you’ve seen Nicki Minaj at the Met Gala, but not her former fiancé. Jeremy Scott invited Nicki last year, and he wouldn’t have wasted a spot at his table on old what’s-his-face.

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But if all else fails, you could just werk it out. And I mean actually work, not twerk, sadly.

If you work at Vogue, especially if you’re high up on that food chain, you’re probs scoring an invite. If you’re lower on the food chain (say, a junior editor) you might get the “privilege” of working the event, according to Pop Sugar. If you work for one of the corporate sponsors of the gala (last year’s included Amazon and Moda Operandi) you might also be able to snag entry.

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And if you do somehow get invited in your wildest dreams, what can you expect? Well, only the elite know that, and guests are not allowed to post anything on social media past the red carpet — although the cover image on this post proves the most famous of the famous don’t usually follow that rule.

Best of luck bb’s, maybe next year!

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