Helena Legend Has An Anthem For Any Girl Who’s Ghosted A Guy

Helena Legend knows that sometimes the only way to get rid of a dude is to ghost him.

The boss EDM babe released Part II of her EP “No Explanations” today, and she’s showing a whole new side. First off, Helena sings on a bunch of the tracks, a first for her. Second off, the first track, “Ghost Ya” is seriously relatable for any girl who’s had to deal with a clingy dude.

We talked to the Aussie musician about how to curve a dude, her new EP, and crazy fans with foot fetishes. Check out the exclusive photos and interview below.


Your track “Ghost Ya” talks about clingy dudes, do you find that the stereotype of girls being the clingy ones is actually false?

The stereotype is definitely on girls being the clingy ones, I actually think though it goes both ways, both guys and girls can be clingy, it completely depends on your personality. I have had guys be too full on and clingy in early stages of dating, texting and calling me too much, which has put me completely off them. Sorry to say, but I have actually “ghosted‘ a few guys myself. I think though it’s kinda good to turn the tables on the stereotype and talk about guys being the clingy ones for once.

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In what situations do you think it’s okay to ghost a guy?

The most obvious situation would be when a guy becomes way too intense and stalker like, that’s a big red flag to disappear on someone or if he doesn’t take the hint that he is being too full on and clingy. You are then stuck in the middle of saying something awkward when you don’t know them that well– that they are being too needy or forward and it’s putting you off–or you take the easy option and just blank them/ghost them.

What’s the “right way” to end a relationship?

If you are in an actual relationship with someone (and not just casually dating when you don’t know them that well), then the only right way to end a proper relationship is face to face and by being honest and try–where possible–to and it amicably (though I know this can’t always be the case).

I am good friends with every guy I have been in a long term relationship with. I hate carrying around negativity or feeling like any years with anyone were wasted, it’s all the journey of life, so I have always tried to leave things in a good place for both parties.

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What is the meaning behind the title, ‘No Explanations.’

This EP is a change in musical direction for me. I knew there would be a few who would question what I am doing, but this EP is me doing what I love and what I want to do and not having to explain myself. Hence; ‘No Explanations’ seemed appropriate.

What’s the biggest thing you hope people learn from ‘No Explanations?’

That I have much more depth to me as an artist than what people have seen previously from my past releases that were more ‘club bangers.’ This is me really expressing my sound for the first time as well as singing on my own tracks.

What are 5 essentials that you must have in your fridge?

I am vegetarian, so mainly veggie stuff, but my essentials are: avocados, hummus, almond milk, cheese and wine.

What is the weirdest message you have received from a fan?

I get so much weird stuff, it’s hard to think of the weirdest. But I get about 20 messages a day on snapchat from guys asking to see my feet. Foot fetishes are a real thing it seems.

What motto did you live by, but then realized it didn’t help you?

“Don’t eat your bread crusts, it makes your hair go curly.” Well that didn’t help me at all. My hair is still curly. Thank goodness for keratin straightening.

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What is the second most used function on your cellphone (after texting)?

Snapchat most likely, with Instagram close second.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Look at my phone and read the news. Worst habit ever. I like to see what I have missed going on in the world while I was sleeping. I need to start putting my phone in the other room at night. As it does me no favors, especially when 99% of the world news is bad.

What’s next for you?

As well as releasing part II of the EP, I have been working on lots more singles, so more tracks ready to go. Lots of music to come this year. I have also been very busy working on my new fashion label that I am launching this year (under my artist name: Helena Legend). I am making high end street wear/sports luxe, so this has been a huge project for that I am working on in what spare time I have. You can check out some of the designs on my Instagram. I am hoping to launch it in the middle of the year. But this is a huge passion project for me, which I am loving. I am very excited to get it launched.

All photos by Dons Lens

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