More Than Half of People Have Snooped Through Their Partner’s Phone

Nothing good can come from snooping through your partner’s phone.

Seriously, even if your partner is loyal af, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that looks bad. Then you’ll either stress yourself out worrying about it, start a fight over something stupid, or both.

And yet, so many of us look through our partner’s phones anyways. 53% to be exact.

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Yes, that’s more than half of us. We really suck.

This data comes from a survey conducted by Bravo while promoting their latest series, “Imposters.” And while 53% of people admitted to looking through their partner’s phones, a sizable chunk of people snooped on other devices.

44% of people admitted to snooping through their partner’s emails, 40% snooped through their partner’s computer, 39% through their partner’s bank info, and 34% through their partner’s browsing info. Nobody trusts each other these days, clearly.

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Unfortunately, the study results don’t go into details about which gender snoops more, but they did report that 1 in 5 of people who snooped admitted to “finding something” that upset them. This “something” is vague, with common secrets including past events, secrets about somebody else, feelings for somebody else, or cheating.

On one hand, it’s comforting that your boo isn’t crazy for going through your phone and you’re not crazy for taking a sneak peek at his emails. But on the other hand, c’mon guys, this needs to stop! Don’t date somebody if you don’t trust them.

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