I Don’t Trust People Who Are Friends With Their Ex

You know how people say they don’t trust people who dislike dogs or cats or whatever they’re currently into at the moment? Well, I don’t trust people who are still friends with their ex.

It processes the same way to me as if I were to go to someone’s house and they continue to pour food in their dog’s bowl, who has been dead for several years. Delirious. That’s how I see people who are still friends with their ex.

I don’t care if you two ended on “good terms” or whatever, it’s only going to make your next partner uncomfortable and intimidated by the fact that you still hit up your ex every once in awhile. Or the worst, if you hit them up everyday.


You cannot give someone the title of ex and friend. It doesn’t make any f*cking sense. In fact, that’s an oxymoron, moron.

I mean, not all of my relationships ended terribly. In fact, some ended on a super chill note. You know, where you do some badass secret handshake and fist pump to the sky like the ending of The Breakfast Club. But I still don’t keep in contact with them because, what’s the point?

So you can feel like a better person or the bigger person? But when you go out with them and have one too many shots you end up f*cking them and wake up with the biggest regret. It’s a blast to the f*cking past where you tried so hard to get out of.

And they say time travel doesn’t exist.


Anyway, I’m always suspicious of people who have great relationships with their ex. The only time that is allowed and encouraged is if the person has a kid with their ex. Then they really should be civil and in contact with one another. If not then they’re an asshole.

But I don’t believe you can fully move on to another relationship if you’re in ties with your old flame. You’ll constantly be comparing potential partners to your ex and reminiscing on old jokes or past memories. It’s basically a f*cking roadblock distraction for your future.

Now, if you’re currently friends with an ex right now, I’m not saying to hit them up and call things off then block them from everything. But maybe pull the cold shoulder, back off a bit, tell them to get a hobby or download Tinder. You know, subtle hints.


Because moving on is tough and it’s tough because you’re losing a person who was close to you at one point. And honestly, if you can’t, you’re a coward.

But you can’t be afraid to let go. I mean, you’re living right now and doing fine. And once you delete a person from your past, you are able to open up new doors for the people of your future. F*cking duh.

Life is complicated enough and having a past partner still present in your life only adds confusion. So why deal with that? Be strong enough to stand on your own and leave the past where it belongs.

Because you can only reap the benefits.

And nobody likes left overs.

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