Gwen Stefani Is Basically the Reason Why Brad and Angelina Got Together

Did you know that Gwen Stefani was an actress?

Because apparently she was super close to getting cast as Angelina Jolie’s character in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Or, at least that’s what Gwen has chosen to believe.

“I feel like I almost got [the part],” Gwen recently shared on Howard Stern. “I went to a bunch of auditions…I wanted to do it, but I wanted to do music more.”

So basically what Gwen’s trying to say here is that if it wasn’t for her NOT taking the role it seems like she was NEVER officially offered, Brad Pitt may have NEVER met Angelina Jolie, and the world would have been deprived of the Brangelina v. Jennifer Aniston media spectacle.

Although let’s be real, it probably would have happened anyway before Brad and Jennifer were a ticking time bomb seeing as he spent a good part of their relationship smoking mad amounts of weed on the couch and feeling sorry for himself.

Still, let’s just let Gwen believe this one, okay?

After all, her boyfriend is too afraid to show his nipples in public, so clearly she needs this.

[H/T Marie Claire]

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