Guys Who Left One Girl For Another Admit They’re Idiots

If your ex left you for another girl, there’s a good chance he’s miserable af right now. If not now, just wait.

The idea of guys being idiots isn’t groundbreaking, but the fact is anybody who leaves a relationship to start another one is not the type of person you want to date. And those people will probs never have a successful relationship until they kick that habit.

Need proof? I’m glad you asked.

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After her four-year boyfriend left her for another girl right before they moved in together, Reddit user aballofunicorns asked guys on Reddit who have done the same asshole move how they felt about it.

Surprise, surprise, nearly all of the dudes admitted that they felt like shit after, still think about the girl they left, and that the new relationship didn’t last. But don’t take our word for it, read the responses yourself.

“I made the biggest mistake of my existence,” says dramatic Reddit user trenharderco. “I regret it to this day, and think about the woman I could have spent the rest of my life with, she’s happy and I’m not. The girl I left my other for I am no longer with her and we don’t associate with each other at all. All you can do is try and move forward, forgetting isn’t an option.”

Okay, well that sounds like it’s from an episode of the O.C., but you get the point: he’s a dumbass.

Lucky for some of these dumbasses, their ex-girls that they ditched are bigger dumbasses, and took their asses back.

“[I] felt bad for the first girl [and] married the second girl,” said Reddit user Murphysburger. “That didn’t work out and [we] got divorced. She was a bitch. [The] first girl set me an email out of the blue and we started dating again then got married. Living happily ever after. Second girl’s replacement boyfriend just died.”

Um, okay, psycho. I’m glad you mentioned that your ex-wife’s boyfriend died as if it gives you satisfaction?

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“[I felt] bad,” said Reddit user JoeCreator. “I went back after I realized my mistake (lucky me). It was basically grass is greener on the other side/you don’t know what you had until it’s gone.”

Alright girls, I’m going to need you to stop taking these idiots back so that they don’t think their behavior is acceptable, okay?

But we’ve also come to notice guys always manage to miss their exes, regardless of the situation. They’re just emotional wrecks. Another person backs that up:

“I dated a great girl, then I was a huge idiot and left her when my ex came back around wanting to get together again,” said Reddit user spaceman_sloth. “Still feel bad for the first girl, my ex was terrible and we didn’t last very long that time either.”

Don’t feel bad, spaceman, she is much better off without you, we promise.

Sometimes, things do work out though. And there were some guys on the thread who were happy with their decisions to leave their bae for a new bae, plus some girls who were the “new bae” and didn’t feel bad about it. But don’t worry, most relationships end one day, so there’s still time for them to regret their decision.

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” [I] dated a girl for a couple months, we split up when she went away for college,” said Reddit user obitrice-kanobi. [I] started dating a new girl for a couple months when out of the blue I get a text from the old girl. She changed majors and moved back into the area. (I got this text while new girl is sleeping right next to me at her place). I quietly packed my shit up and walked out, drove home, and broke up with the new girl the next morning over the phone (turns out she wasn’t that hurt because I was a rebound/side guy). I met [the] old girl at a party that week, smashed, and started where we left off.”

Despite his use of the word “smash,” good ‘ol Obitrice managed to make things work:

“We now live together, been dating over two years, and I bought an engagement ring to give her around our three year anniversary. A year after we got back together, I found out she changed schools just to try things again with me because she missed me. I felt pretty awesome.”

Okay, so sometimes it does work out, but rebounds are a tricky situation for us all.

Moral of the story is that you should end a relationship before it gets to the point where you’re entertaining other options. That’s messed up and shows you can’t be happy alone, which means you’ll never truly be happy with any partner.

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