Gigi Hadid Says She’s Over Making New Friends

Friendship makes the world go round and round, but if we’re being completely honest, sometimes friends are actually the worst.

Because not every friend in your contacts list is a ride or die – some are manipulative, jealous af, or they’re so flaky their name might as well be named Day Old Croissant.

Which is why Gigi Hadid says she doesn’t want any new friends – she’s already weeded out the crap and she’s way too busy to keep gardening, you feel?

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“A lot of interesting things in friends come out,” Gigi told Harper’s Bazaar, explaining how fame can change the dynamics between the people you’re close to.

“In a way it’s good because you learn that it’s better to have a few really good friends than tons of friends you aren’t really sure about,” Gigi explained. “There are people who understand that I love them and who knew that when I get to town I’m going to call them, but sometimes I can’t call every day because I’m in weird places.”

She went on to say, “I’ve lost a lot of friends because I’ll get busy for a short period of time, and they’re not reaching out, but if I don’t reach out, then it’s like I’ve changed.”

If you watched Bella Thorne’s new show “Famous In Love,” then you already know all about this conundrum.

(If you haven’t, you’re not missing anything.)

Let’s just say, there’s a reason why most people who are famous spend the majority of their time either hanging around people who are famous or people who just so happen to be on their payroll.

People just get jealous.

[H/T Harper’s Bazaar]

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