Gigi Hadid Probs Could Have Qualified For the Olympics if She Felt Like It

Fun fact: if she wanted to, Gigi Hadid could probably be on her way to winning a gold medal in Rio for volleyball right now.

Seriously, is there anything Gigi’s not good at it?

Back when teachers were still calling Gigi Hadid by her given name, Jelena, our supermodel-in-training was killing it on the court.

Gigi started playing volleyball in 6th grade, and was so good at it that she even qualified for the Junior Olympics, one of the biggest sports competitions a young, American amateur athlete can compete in, which technically isn’t affiliated with the actual Olympics, but gets broadcast on ESPN and is a very big deal nonetheless.


“It was something that was really intense and really, really built my work ethic and my passion to be great at what I do,” Gigi told Anna Wintour on that Vogue podcast thing we’re still not so sure about. “And I think that really translates to what I do now. I just want to give my best every day.”

Seriously, it’s a wonder she doesn’t brag more about herself.

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