The Galore Guide to the Perfect Hamptons Weekend

Sometimes, you really just need a girls’ weekend.

Some sunshine, some spritzers, and some pool float selfie time with your BFFs.

Unfortunately, a girls’ weekend is easier said than done. First you have to plan it, and then you have to make sure all your besties are actually down for a girls’ weekend and aren’t secretly going to meet up with a guy from Bumble at midnight for “drinks.”

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Practice makes perfect, so Galore invited some of our fave babes to a weekend in the Hamptons (expertly photographed by Maya McHenry) to lay down the law on how to have the perf girls’ weekend.

Rule #1: Pack The Perfect ‘Fits

If anyone ever tells you that girls dress up for boys, tell them they’re an idiot. Girls dress up for each other, and while your besties would never judge you for showing up in sweat pants and Uggs (maybe a little bit), you want to show them that you’re slaying, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while.

Our girls donned Just Drew NYC’s latest collection which included velvet bikinis, breezy printed dusters, and amazing slip dresses – a.k.a the perfect stuff to wear in the summer heat for looking stylish without breaking a sweat.

Lisa Ramos in Just Drew NYC

Rule #2: Make Sure Everyone Knows You’re Having a Girls’ Weekend

If you have a fun weekend with your besties and don’t post any pics on social media, did you actually have a fun weekend with your besties? Sources say no.

So naturally, you should make sure to take some bomb pics of each other before you get too drunk to hit your signature pose in a selfie. In addition to your cute swimsuit, get a pool float and a cute drink for prop purposes. We fell in love with Arizona’s new sparkling waters because the cans are tropical and they have zero calories! You already know Arizona drinks are affordable and that the brand totally gets young people, but did you know they also blend perfectly with booze? Which reminds us…

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Marisa Bryant

Rule #3: Get Buzzed

Whoever said it’s only fun to turn up when guys are around was seriously disturbed. There’s nothing more fun than getting tipsy by the pool with your best girlfriends and telling each other your darkest secrets – especially because they might not remember them the next day!

Our fave Arizona fruity sparkling waters mixed so freaking well with Ciroc. For an extra beachy flavor, try Mango Ciroc, it’ll take you to a tropical party vibe even if you’re chilling on your friend’s NYC rooftop. It’s the vodka of the summer and it doesn’t even taste like vodka because it’s so dang good.

Miss Jackson & Julia Moshy

Ciroc always helps!

Rule #4: Eat Like You’re Bad & Boujee 

What comes after getting drunk? Wanting to eat everything in sight, obvi. Take a break from the house and go out to a dope restaurant where you can order family style and bond over small plates. You deserve it.

Julia Moshy

Rule #5: Have Fun & Stay In The Moment

Aside from the photoshoots that you’re obvi going to have throughout the weekend, try to enjoy the time with your girls instead of getting caught up with what you have to do at work on Monday or what your crush is posting on his Snapchat story. Get silly, get sexy, and cherish all the time you get to spend with your babes – especially on a long weekend!


Gen Vega

SophieCharlotte Bickley in Just Drew NYC

Andrew Warren & Brooks Nader in Just Drew NYC

Reya Benitez in Just Drew NYC

Danielle Naftali in Just Drew NYC

London Zhiloh

Sophie and Charlotte Bickley in Just Drew NYC

Gen Vega

Andrew Warren of Just Drew NYC

Photography by Maya McHenry

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